The final first round match-up in our Dark Matter Greatest Episode Tournament pits two of my favorites against each other –


It’s I Should’ve Spaced You When I Had the Chance vs Isn’t That A Paradox?

Cast your votes!

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m putting together a little something for Dark Matter fans. It’s going to be a blast and you will NOT want to miss it.  Details to come!

The newsletter update (links embedded within the headlines):

Your global tracker

A great little tutorial on proper hand washing.  This is how the surgeons do it!

Please don’t flush disinfectant wipes down the toilet

How coronavirus will change the world

If some idiot like Dr. Drew tells you you’re overreacting, show them this article

From an "essential" shipping worker.. It’s getting bad, already. from China_Flu

The virus appears to be more fatal for men than women

Doctor who helped defeat smallpox reveals what’s coming

How the W.H.O. really dropped the ball

Quarantine Shaming

It’s necessary.  Why?  Because = idiots.

Meanwhile, in Vancouver…

Things looking bad for the U.S.

“Masks don’t work” is incorrect at best, an outright lie at worst.

How Taiwan and Singapore stayed on top of this thing

Streaming services offering free 30 day trials


4 thoughts on “March 21, 2020: First round action concludes in our Dark Matter Greatest Episode Tourney! Newsletter Update!

  1. Joe, have you ever thought of a Greatest Title Tournament?
    “Kill Them All”
    “We Voted Not to Space You”
    “Stuff to Steal, People to Kill”
    and of course: “Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had the Chance”

    There is a such a wicked sense of humour in all of these that I love.

  2. I am not on twitter so my vote today is for ´´Isnt that a Paradox ?´´ An English version of the official Chinese handbook detailing best practice corona treatment is available here – key point is 3½ grams of intravenous vitamin C daily during fever which also implies that before & after eating lots of citrus fruits as stand alone snacks will maximize amounts of vitamin C we get from food sources. .

  3. Thanks for the links and the Memes. We all need a more humor.

    It’s been a while but we studied about how to scrub in on surgeries in my vet tech program. You have to count the brush strokes on each finger. My hands were so chapped working as a surgical nurse but I loved the work.

    As for shaming, I’ll agree to disagree with you. I realize that all kids aren’t the same. For my Gen Z’er, he doesn’t do social media. He thinks it’s stupid (OK, he could have a point there) and he wouldn’t have a clue if his picture was being circulated on twitter/fb. I have to tell him current events because he doesn’t watch the news either. This virus has started seeping into his universe though because some of his friends are being laid off. 🙁

    What’s everyone doing to keep busy? I’ve taken up jogging (gravity is a bitch) and started re-watching Fargo. I’m a big fan of Fargo (the movie & the series). There’s something about the Minnesota/North Dakota accents. They did a great job recreating the 80’s too.

    Is True Detective worth a watch? What about Chernobyl, the series? Fargo won’t last forever. 🙁

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