What was your favorite episode of Dark Matter’s second season?

The nominees are…

Episode 202 – Kill Them All: The crew of the Raza stage a jailbreak from galactic Super Max, Hyperion – 8.

Episode 211 – Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had The Chance: THREE and FIVE are on the run, with no one to rely on but each other.

Episode 212 – Sometimes In Life You Don’t Get To Choose: Ryo Ishida ascends to the throne of Zairon.

Episode 213 – But First We Save The Galaxy: The crew of the Raza attempt to head off a terrorist attack on Eos-7.

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6 thoughts on “The Dark Matter Greatest Episode Tournament Continues with Season 2!

  1. Throwing out a vote for episode 3, I’ve Seen the Other Side of You. A peek at the old Raza crew to prepare us for the alts and some wonderful character work from Melissa and Jodelle.

  2. They were all great episodes, but Jodelle’s ice-cold delivery of the titular line in “Kill Them All” takes it to the top in my opinion.

  3. I discovered Dark Matter the week 2.13 was first shown so it was my introduction to the franchise and is my 2nd favourite season 2 episode however S2-2 ´´ Kill them all´´ is so well done and so much fun to rewatch it gets my vote as the best of season.

  4. ´´ Kill Them All´´ is DM at its very best and is my favourite S2 show. 2.13 But First We Save The Galaxy was first shown on tv the week I discovered DM so got me hooked on the show

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