A quick google search turns up the following:

Hmmm.  We seem to be there, no?  So why isn’t the World Health Organization declaring this a pandemic?  Well…

Why the WHO won’t call the coronavirus a pandemic

“The WHO’s funding is part of the problem. The fact that most of the member country’s contributions are earmarkedfor specific health programs allows donors to dictate priorities, with just 20 contributors funding 75% of the program budget (which was $4.42 billion in 2018-2019, lower than that of many major hospitals). China is a major donor.”

Meanwhile, in the U.K. –

NHS declares highest level emergency

Cases are comparatively lower here in North America.

Of course, the fact that we’re not testing could have something to do with it…

But it’s just the flu, isn’t it?  Well…

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14 thoughts on “March 3, 2020: Guys, it’s okay. Dr. Drew say we’ll be fine!

  1. I will say the US in particular seems completely unprepared to deal with the increase in cases, not that that’s too surprising all things considered. Also, the number of under and uninsured people there is going to discourage people from getting diagnosed and treated.

    1. You are definitely right about that, Gforce. As far as I’ve heard or read, thus so far, the only state that has pledged not to charge individual victims for getting tested is NY. And unless a person with a mild sore throat or cough is tested positive, no employer is going to allow them to self quarantine at home for 14 days. So the virus will simply keep freely spreading across U.S and eventually evolve to become strong enough to begin killing a wider, more diverse, portion of the population.

      1. And we are not prepared and playing catch-up because our current president de-funded and cut the pandemic division created by President Obama during the Ebola crisis years ago.

      2. And now California. But there are no more kits; the kits they said going out that was supposed to be 1.5 million suddenly aren’t available to anyone, just people having symptoms. They had since this started going on in CHINA to get their act together. Did they think magical thinking was going to make it go away?

    2. Yes, the administration if bungling this BADLY. Go read my blog for March 5. Read what happened in San Antonio — the CDC releasing someone who was infected… And exactly. Except, in California the governor said that no one will get a bill to be tested (now no one is saying if you have to self quarantine and stay home from work for 3 weeks or even a month, and that most people in the US don’t even have $400 in the bank to get by in an emergency, which won’t pay the rent or the bills…. This is a volcano waiting to explode.

  2. That Medium article is on point! What’s the first scene of the second act you see in nearly all pandemic movies? Overflowing hospitals, patients in beds in hallways or sitting/lying on the ground with overworked staff running between them who usually get infected themselves soon after.

  3. We are definitely not testing aggressively enough in U.S. to minimize spread and slow virus evolution/strength.

    In the 8 hours since i tweeted you latest official stats we have gone from 117 ‘confirmed’ cases to only 125. Given the current rapid community spread rate, we should have more than twice that number ‘confirmed and quarantined’ by now!!

    Many cities are still either waiting on test kits or are being told to ‘only’ test those that meet a certain criteria, because of limited number of kits. Meanwhile there are new cases confirmed in Arizona, North Carolina, MA & NH. Newly suspected cases, awaiting confirmation, have also turned up in NYC & LA and most of these places don’t not have an adequate # of test kits to test ‘everyone’ possibly infected in their local communities. And now that the virus is confirmed in Florida, health officials estimate the virus will reach Orlando within a week. We have a HUGE high risk population here and unfortunately I have not been well of late so yes, I too am currently at high risk of death if i become infected.

    I wish more people realized “I” am a human being, not just some random statistic on some younger, healthier, persons computer screen. As is every individual who has already died from this outbreak.

    I shouldn’t have to worry a simple trip to a local convenience mart or grocery store could kill me if i discover the store has run out of hand sanitizer after touching a door handle or being handed change at a cash register, while politicians sit around spouting a “no worries – it’ll all be okay” attitude.
    Just because I am not in 100% tip top health at the moment or as young or strong in body as the next person, should not mean my continued survival is less worthy of urgent concern to the govmn’t or popular TV spokes persons like Dr Drew.


    1. Our stores ran out of hand santizer on Saturday. If you guys like COVID-19 blogs, I’m doing a daily one over at pbmom.net Come chat.

  4. Thanks, Joe. Once again, excellent information. Yes, it’s sad that the WHO at first appeared poised to provide accurate information and recommendations, but now has fallen far behind for wrong reasons. We deserve better!

    How do you locate the sources of information? Whatever your method is, your intel appears solid and is useful in helping us prepare – assuming our heads aren’t down in some hole and our butts aren’t pointed to the sky. Ignorance doesn’t change statistics and leads to poor outcomes. And it will be the defiant ignorami coughing and hacking on the rest of us.

  5. Thanks for sharing. It’s so critical to have accurate information. I appreciate!

  6. Too bad the American president is more worried about the stock market dropping than people dying. He does not realize that worry and fear of the unknown is what drives the markets down as people panic. Being well informed is power.

    @Drea – I read a doctor said that this virus is not a bacteria caused one. Therefore hand sanitizer will not work. That is why they are pushing “wash your hands”. (Then I go to vote and have to use a touch screen…. Gross! )

    1. By definition, viruses are not caused by bacteria. Bacteria are single-celled creatures. Viruses are just strings of genetic material coated in proteins. But hand sanitizer, like soap, will help, as long as you are thorough in your handwashing.

    2. If I have to get my hand put onto something that is community related, I whip out my cheaply bought men’s handkerchiefs and use that and then wash them at night in hot water and detergent with a drop of bleach.

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