Monday night, I’ll be doing a live twitter chat with Utopia Falls creator R.T. Thorne.  WHAT, pray tell, is a live twitter chat?  Well, I suppose it’s like a regular twitter discussion except that I get back to you sooner.  And someone, perhaps only tangentially connected to the discussion, will, at some point, post a gif.

Did my first pass on my TimEscape script rewrite today.  Tomorrow, I do my punch-up pass, looking to layer in some non-sequiturs, far future curses and, hopefully, come up with an answer to the handful of notes I was unable to address on this first go-around.

I HAD planned to do some work-related travel in a few weeks but think I’ll hold off until this whole coronavirus thing blows over.

In 2-3 months.


12 thoughts on “February 29, 2020: A Rare Leap Day Entry!

  1. I understand about travel concerns, but does that mean no possibility for a new companion for Suji for a few months?

      1. I’m concerned about some travel Jeff has to do on an airplane sometime this month. I wish he didn’t have to go (or it was close enough where a drive there was an option).

  2. Curious … Will some Akemi-ism, Suji and Kpop make it into TimEscape? LOL

  3. Ashleigh!! I’m glad to see your arch-nemesis make the list. Even in that pic, she looks like she’s cooking up some evil scheme!

    Glad to hear that TimEscape script is coming together. That series would be so awesome.

    I’ve mentioned before that I seem to get sick every time I travel by air lately, so I’m completely on board (so to speak) on your travel postponements. When someone literally sneezed in my face on my last plane trip (I think it was in the Montreal airport), I shouldn’t have been surprised when I came down with a bad cold a few days later. People need to cover their mouths when they sneeze!

    1. I miss those posts about Ashleigh.

      Someone sneezed in your face???? That is one of the grossest things I have heard in a long, long time. I have to make a trip to the Houston Medical Center on Wednesday. I’m NOT looking forward to it. I hate the drive, but now I’m going to hate being in that environment.

      I take immunosuppressants so I’m not thrilled about any cold, flu, or more going around.

  4. I agree with your travel decision. I’m considering skipping Fiesta San Antonio in April, our city’s biggest crowd scene.

  5. Ha, come at me coronavirus. I am in the high risk demographic, and I am traveling to LA for a long weekend. The Peter Wingfield fan club is having a mini-convention, 25th anniversary. I decided to go on a whim,not my usual thing, the trip is not refundable, so into the Heart of Darkness (aka LAX) I go. Hopefully I do not bring home a souvenir. Yes, the virus is serious, and yes, it is being mishandled, and yes, we are doomed.

  6. For far future curses, have you seen Red Dwarf – the UK proper 12 series since 1988 with the same cast, and their inventive use of “swear” words …. Smeg!, Goit, Gimboid, SmegHead, made up words to allow “expletives” the BBC in England would not have allowed!!

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