A few other production opportunities have recently arisen, some of which would take me away from Toronto.  Akemi and Suji would, obviously, come with, but I’m not so sure I want to leave Hog Town.  Maybe if this was twenty years ago and I really needed that next gig, but I now have the luxury of waiting things out.  Then again, I shouldn’t thoroughly dismissed these nascent possibilities.  Back when I was living in Vancouver, the thought of shooting a show in Toronto did not appeal – but I went ahead and did three season of Dark Matter.  Much earlier in my life, the prospect of leaving Montreal to travel to the other side of the country for work seemed the last thing I wanted to do – yet, in the end, I packed my bags, moved to Vancouver, and did 12 years of Stargate.

I suppose part of my reticence stems from my desire to see three of the big projects I have in play (see last entry) go to camera.  By committing to another production, I’ll be taking myself out of contention should any of those projects get a green light.  On the other, it’s the classic –


Do I take Door #1 or wait and try my luck with Door’s #2 or #3?

Akemi Presents…”Lunch” (Created and Produced by Akemi Aota, Eaten by Joseph Mallozzi)

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16 thoughts on “February 28, 2020: Let’s Make A Deal!

  1. I think the question is at this point in your life/career, do you want to move? At my age, I’ve come to the conclusion that unless it’s important for someone I care about or otherwise a necessity, I generally don’t do things I don’t want to do.

    For now, maybe the choice is none of those doors!

    1. I’m with you GForce. I’m here for the rest of my life — or whenever I can’t take care of myself anymore (because I have no one to take care of me once Jeff passes). I’m in the process of Döstädning, Swedish death cleaning, but I was doing it before I knew it was a thing. I just looked at the paperwork (especially from PATRICK) accumulated over all these years and how I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy to have to deal with this when I die. Oddly, I recently found out that I’m 12% Swedish. I have yet to find this elusive relative.

  2. Decsions, decisions. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Between the devil and the deep blue sea.
    Put it anyway you want you have to make a choice no matter how it works out.
    I’m just glad I’m not in that position the way my luck goes I’d end up regretting the choice I made.

  3. … … maybe … … go with what your gut tells you to do …?
    Anyway, will be supportive whichever way you choose.

  4. Depending on how well your financial situation is at present, you could perhaps take Door 2 if you could delay taking Door 1. You could also split Door 1 and Door 2 by having a business partner hold Door 1 OR 2 open so you can take both (sorta) at the same time. LOGICALLY, take Door 1 and wait on 2. If you go with your HEART, take door 2. One has to weigh LOGIC and HEART very carefully while observing the bank account.

  5. As you stated, You dont actually ‘need’ to accept a job at this point simply because it’s a pretty good opportunity and its available. Thus, Why would you want the heavily stress inducing hassle of packing everything up and moving again and trying to get comfortable and established in a new city and apartment/condo building??? Especially since you are likely to adopt a couple new senior pug family members shortly and would have to move them, as well.

    Unless it’s a well established, extremely well $$$$$ funded, tv series, you are being offered, that is not much in danger of being prematurely cancelled or intentionally concluded by season 5, And you’ve been long time dreaming and very deeply craving to Show Run this particular series,
    I’m thinking —–> Nah. Nope. Nopers. Why bother?
    Also, If you leave Toronto you will no longer have such easy, frequent, access to visit your aging mom whenever you want.
    Spending more time with her as she gets on in years, does seem to bring her joy & comfort.

    Albeit, we all know long term patience isn’t your strongest character trait
    and you become bored and frustrated when you are not working.
    why not simply do a project in Toronto for ‘the sheer fun of it’ while you wait for a green light on your beloved TimEscape and other projects you feel a deep passion toward??

    E One, has a partnership with Secret Location studios to do stories in VR form. You could translate your current comic book project into an interactive virtual reality story, instead of trying to get completed and published in print form? (at least for now in the short term).
    The writing/script dialogue part is actually less time consuming than doing it in print and you get to spend
    a whole lot more time dreaming up the characters. How they look. sound. feel. How they act. react and interact. The costumes they wear. Their background story.
    Both you and Akemi seemed to genuinely much enjoy your brief Virtual Reality experience a few years ago and this would likely be the sort of playful project she’d have lots of wonderful creative ideas for as its developing. Maybe, run it by Vanessa Piazza next week? See what she thinks? and if she’d be willing to discuss it with her contacts at Eone, eh?


    You’d definitely have a blast creating it and learning in greater detail about how an interactive virtual reality environment is created. It’s simply magically delicious. It’d lend Jeff T an opportunity to show you more of what he can do with his voice. And it’d be the sort of project you could do without having to remove TimEscape or Little Heaven from the larger marble race. Best of all, It’s not a big marketing risk. Telling comic book stories in interactive VR form has already proven itself a big hit with gamers and tech enthusiasts across the globe.

    PS: When TimEscape gets its green light for full production & broadcast,
    can we pretty please have an episode where the traveler goes back in time and ends up
    becoming a contestant on Lets Make A Deal with ‘you’ playing the role of Monty Hall?
    OMG! It’d be beyond fun and hilarious for all!
    It could serve as your comical way of saying
    you are the one bestowed the power to open doors now!

  6. Decisions, decisions…On the one hand it’s good to have options (and it’s always the case that when you have none, you’d have jumped at the offer) On the other, if life has shown me one thing – go with your gut. As long as you have the people you love with you, it doesn’t matter where you go. Good luck with whatever you decide, and whatever it is – will be the right thing.

  7. That’s a tough decision. If you take Door 2 or 3, will you have to sell your condo? Will you be closer to your Sis, Mom and Ralphie? I’m eagerly awaiting what to see which direction you choose!

  8. Follow your instincts and heart. If you don’t have to be concerned about finances, then it’s the time to do whatever brings you joy. You know, at least subconsciously, the right decision. Whatever you decide, it will be fine.

  9. I’m looking forward to your next production no matter what it is. Definitely choose where your greatest passion is. Working on something you genuinely love and believe in is vital to being content. Good luck!

    As a side note, I’m glad you’ve put off travel. There have now been 5 deaths in the NW US and flu deaths are still mounting. Wash your hands, minimize touching communal items i.e. salad bar spoons, shopping carts, etc. and carry some hand sanitizer. It’s too late to stock upon N95 masks, so be smart and ride it out.

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