9 thoughts on “March 1, 2020: Suji Sunday!

  1. If not traveling to the USA, found any “adopt-worthy” senior special need pugs within Canada?

  2. yeah, animal shelters say they have dogs of all breeds. Homelessness has no descriminating taste.

    Thanks for the cute Suji pics! All is well now, at least for a little bit.

  3. Still find myself giggling aloud whenever i see photo of you and Suji in those matching sweaters your sis made. and thanks for posting sweet Lulu pic. xo

    Most definitely can relate to your virus spread rate concerns and decision to delay plans,
    for the moment, to head to LA with Akemi & Suji.
    Especially since such a large portion of confirmed positive cases world wide are asymptomatic and could be unknowingly spreading the virus in any given local community.
    According to mainstream news reports, a Covid19 positive woman’s fur baby in Hong Kong
    recently tested positive, as well. This unfortunately means our loving and lovable 4 legged companions could be serving as easy transports of the germs for this virus even if no dog anywhere ever proves to become fully infected. Best to be safe, than sorry in this particular case of current unknowns.

    Albeit, the real time worldwide Covid-19 tracker i cc’d you on twitter from Johns Hopkins University
    should help ya keep an eye on when it becomes safe to travel to a specific u.s city. It tracks all confirmed positive cases around the globe and automatically updates in real time. It also lets you know if the virus is mutating (becoming stronger) via offering realtime fatality vs recovery stats for each tracked location.

    1. I saw the news about the new dog testing positive in Hong Kong. I’m hoping it’s a false positive, a contaminated sample or just poor testing techniques. (fingers crossed). There’s still a lot of unanswered questions about this virus…. Interesting times and all that. 😉

  4. Aww, Lulu! She was such a sweet girl! I know you must miss her terribly. Please keep us updated on your pug search.

    And the only thing Suji’s sweater is missing is a stitched outline of a human. 😏

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