A few behind the scene photos from the Utopia Falls production…


First official meeting of The Utopia Falls Whiskey Club.


Series Creator/Director R.T. Thorne surveys his sets-in-progress.


First scene!


The Tribunal readies for action.


The ladies of Hair & Make-Up: Sherylann, Julia, Joanne, and Alex.


The Tribunal – relaxed mode.


R.T. Thorne calling the shots.


Sean Baek, aka Tribunal Ryden


Jeff Teravainen (aka Tribunal Gerald) and Supervising Producer Ivon Bartok.


Sean Cullen – Voice of New Babyl, National Treasure, and HUUUUGE sci-fi fan.  You may recognize him from a little Dark Matter episode called “Isn’t That A Paradox?”

8 thoughts on “Utopia Falls – Behind the Scenes

  1. Sean Cullen – You may recognize him from a little Dark Matter episode called “Isn’t That A Paradox?”

    I recognize him from Pie Versus Cake on The Debaters! By far the the best episode. And you’re right, a national treasure.

  2. It really did turn out to be a great show.

    “Touch of the master’s hand” and all that. 😄

  3. Fun show!

    You gave me an Lol with the skunk story. Wowza, I can imagine if things had gone wrong. I wonder why your Sis didn’t tell you?

    Have a safe trip back!

  4. Cool behind the scenes. I plan to start watching this tomorrow (Monday) once I wake up. I figure 2 episodes a day and I’ll be able to finish in 5 days. Can’t wait. I can’t spend the ENTIRE day sitting in a chair putting a file box worth of receipts into Quicken without SOME kind of break. This will be an awesome kind of break.

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