I woke up early this morning, completed the third act of my TimEscape script, then picked up mom and her neighbors and drove to Smoke Meat Pete for a meal I’d been looking forward to all week.  And a meal that was simply not destined to happen.  Sadly, the place is closed – FOR SIX WEEKS!  So instead, we ended up at an Italian restaurant my mother recommended where she had a very tough steak and I ate a pizza akin to a dorm student’s culinary output.  A sad substitute for smoked meat.

Saw a skunk meandering across my sister’s backyard the other night.  When I mentioned it to my mother, she responded: “Yes, they live under porch.”  They what?!  I followed up with my sister who strongly urged me to rattle the screen door and make as much noise as possible before the letting the dogs out.  Good to know.

What day is it?  How long have I been gone?  Is the war over?  I have no idea.

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6 thoughts on “February 21, 2020: Montreal Day…?

  1. It actually kinda does seem like you’ve been there for a LOOONG time. Where do you normally live again? 🙂

    Finished that last episode of UF last night and what a great finish! Humour, twists, turns, shocking reveals — everything we’ve come to expect from your writing! Really well done.

  2. I have yet to watch Utopia Falls. Plan to. I needed to have a clear week where I didn’t have a lot of pet sitting because I want to binge on all 10 in one week. So far, that will be the 24-29th. I’m looking forward to it very much.

    That’s a shame the place you guys wanted to go was closed for 6 weeks and to have found a much lesser place to eat. That is always a downer.

    And what? SKUNKS? Wow. That’s interesting. Right now I’m thankful for concrete slabs for stairs and landings. It’s freezing down here. Going down to close to freezing tonight. I can’t imagine how cold it must be up there. Brrrrrrrrr..

  3. Joe you will be home before you know it. It is hard sleeping in not-your bed, caring for not-your dogs, and living in not-your house. That is what makes what you are doing all the more special. Maybe you should concentrate on thinking of a way to pay back Lawrence before you go. But then, let him sit and worry about it… for a year or two.

    @PBMom – Be proactive. Put a plan in place now for your later years.

  4. Skunk you say?

    Maybe your mom has a recipe for that??

    Sorry to hear SMP was closed. 🙁

  5. But baby skunks are sooo cute!

    I have raccoons, but they’re hibernating now. Don’t know where they love, but they hang out in my backyard in summer at night. I’ve only seen one once, years ago, but I see their poop. It’s full of cherry pits and seeds, so I know it isn’t cats. So much poop.

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