It’s been a whirlwind couple of days here in Montreal.  Yesterday, I took my mother to the hospital to have her cast removed cast removed and fitted for a wrist brace.  Today, I accompanied her to get her pants hemmed.  Tomorrow, we’ll be going to pick up said pants.  Crazy, no?


Yesterday’s lunch was (my favorite!) chicken fettine and green beans.  Today, it was smelts (Apparently my father’s favorite) and dumplings.  Tomorrow, we head out to Smoke Meat Pete where I will enjoy The Pete Special, medium-fat of course.

Work continues on the second TimEscape script.  Hoping we receive that elusive series green light in early April.

Booked my flight and I’m finally heading home on Sunday (as I have stuff to deal with back in Toronto on Monday)!

14 thoughts on “February 20, 2020: Montreal Day #8!

  1. Those look like some great eats!

    Here’s hoping for that green light for TimeScape. It sounds every bit as fun as Dark Matter.

  2. Sounds like my life. Today I took my dad to a doctor appointment. Tomorrow I go grocery shopping for my parents. Yesterday I toured a memory care facility for them. It has gotten too expensive for them to stay at home with the 24 hour care they need. So I am making the decision to move them out. So far I have toured 5 facilities. Took my mom to look at one of them. They are all very nice. I know your sister is enjoying Hawaii only because you are at home taking care of things for her. Andria is having a good time and your mom is enjoying having you in her day-to-day life for a little while. Very much appreciated, I’m sure.

    1. Wow, that must be difficult. Jeff and I keep having this conversation about what do we do as we age with 1) no children who can actually help us and advocate for us and 2) no family at all here (not that they would want to help us even if we did LOL).

  3. All the food once again looks delicious. Hugs n love and best wishes always to your mom
    from one of her biggest fans. xoxo
    Safe flight home on Sunday.
    I’m sure it’ll feel like a special holiday treat simply to sleep in your own bed
    with your own bed hogs after a couple weeks away dealing with someone elses.
    In the meantime, Enjoy the hot pastrami on rye. 🙂

  4. Hey Blog Family!

    A Sweet, beautiful, amazingly talented, musician and advocate for animals,
    Suki Ewers, in our arts n sciences lifelong learning community,
    has just been diagnosed with cancer. A very scary time for anyone.
    Just as we all did for Dr Jo, James, and others over the years,
    Please, please, send her your very best funny and adorable animal vids n pics & words of encouragement
    even if you are not personally acquainted with her or familiar with her music.
    (It’d be wonderful if you can find funny snake and tardigrade pics n videos).
    Let us all be her human support village and help keep her smiling, laughing
    and feeling the positive vibes of abundant love n’ healing as she begins her battle to #KickCancersButt!

    note: she doesnt need any $ help or med advice at this time
    – just a whole lotta love & laughter for emotional support.

    Her twitter handle is –> @sukianemone

    Mazzy Star music: Hope on vocals. Suki on Keyboards

      1. @PBMom just checked. She must have just done that sometime today. This is a very emotional time for her right now and more than 30 people have RT’d her message about her cancer diagnosis and request for happy animal pics n vids and positive thoughts. She might just be feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment that so many people have responded and replied to it. (I think she’s up to 435 replies with funny n adorable animal pics n vids and happy thoughts).

  5. Hi Joe!
    We missed you down here in Ontario…..
    Today I am heading out to walk the line for public education with my wonderful teacher colleagues here in Ottawa.
    It’s COLD but our hearts are warmed by the FIRE of TRUTH and ALGEBRA!
    Wish me luck…
    AKA Mrs Chapman.

  6. Sorry about your friend, Drea! I’ll be sure to head over to her twitter page. Thanks for sharing!

    Ponytail: Good luck with the placement for your parents. I have a friend that works at a Senior Placement Company. She’s in the Nashville area but they do have offices in other locations. You can check if they are in your area.

    Have a safe trip! You’re a good son/brother!

    It will be great being home with blackout curtains and urine free pillows. 🙂

    1. Thanks Tam. 🙂

      @Ponytail Hope you find the right place for your folks. Sending Hugs Smiles 🙂 and Abundant Love your way always. xoxoxo

  7. Hope that she gets her brace soon. I’ve never had to have any body part be in a cast. I don’t think I want to include that in my long list of other things that have happened though.

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