My recent internet searches have included: “perfect murder”, “fake your own death”, and “how to get rid of a dead body”.  This morning, it was: “nuclear fusion”, “heavy water”, and “missile guidance systems”.  I wonder if whoever monitors online activity bothers to cross-reference search topics with a surfer’s profession.  It’s research for this new script.  Honest!

Hey, you know what my sister needs?  Blackout blinds for her bedroom.  Between sunrise and the dogs, it’s impossible to sleep in!


Following some early morning writing, lunch at mom’s place was comprised of baked trout, eggplant Parmesan, cannelloni, broccoli, brussel sprouts, beets, fried peppers, fried eggplant, crab mousse, and avocado.   This gave me the energy I needed to do some afternoon writing after which I dropped mom off at the hairdresser.  While she got her hair done, I grabbed a hot chocolate around the corner at one of my favorite hometown cafe’s, the Victor Rose Espresso Bar.   Or “expresso” as my mother calls it, even though she’s Italian and should know better.

At one point today, mom asked me to go downstairs and grab her a bottle of dish soap. Downstairs, I discovered this –


Approximately 20 bottles of the stuff!  If this coronavirus puts North America in lockdown, my mom will have the cleanest cutlery in quarantine!


11 thoughts on “February 15, 2020: Montreal Day #3!

  1. Some of those internet searches remind me of the shows I’ve been watching lately … Killing Eve, Chernobyl …

    20 bottles of dish soap! Wow! What else she has stocked up? XD

  2. Wow! Judging by the size of the feasts your mum prepares for lunch, she’ll need every ounce of that dish soap! I’d fly to Montreal just to dine at her table. Lucky you!

  3. There are inexpensive window coverings that range from “let the sun in,” to very dark “room darkening.” Sold like an accordian folded fan. Adhesive strip at one end to place above window and let the accordian fold drop down. found at Home Depot, Wal Mart, etc.
    This will keep the bow-wows in the dark about time of day. Well except for their stomachs begging for feed me moments.

  4. On strange search topics:

    DuckDuckGo is your friend, but not on Chrome.

    How come just saying that sounds like an undercover spy pass-phrase?

    I had to laugh at the Palmolive. For my mom, it was toilet paper. When she passed away in 2010, I found over 50 rolls in her apartment. I was giving them our like door prizes to anyone who visited our home. 🤣

  5. It’s wonderful that you’re house sitting I’m sure your Sis will oblige and put up curtains on your next gig there. Have you been able to nap? Have you considered an eye mask?

    That food looks wonderful! Does your Mom cook like this all the time or because her baby boy is home? I still think you should collaborate with her on a cookbook.

    Buying in bulk is a great idea if you have the room/money. 🙂

  6. That is a huge lunch! Does she cook again for supper, or just eat leftovers? My parents eat like little birds. I have them stocked up in the garage with things they need but only like one extra of everything. Except toilet paper and paper towels. Those two items I have tons of.

  7. What an amazing lunch. I am envious, mostly. No eggplant, thank you.

    LOL on the dish soap. We used to shop at Costco for essentials, and Larry could not pass up a good case lot sale. I am still coasting on paper towels, tissues, trash bags, dishwasher tablets, and canned beans which we bought before he passed away a year and a half ago. I’ve been giving away the booze…

  8. Another wonderful lunch feast fit for a king.
    I guess not even a slowly healing fractured wrist can stop mama from spoiling her baby boy, eh?!
    Her talents in the kitchen truly are the stuff foodie dreams are made on.
    May she enjoy all her beautiful new tulip plants for a very long time to come. Xoxo

    Question: Why is Andria’s cat named after bitter turnip greens
    Or, as its called in U.S, Brocoli Rabe??

    “Hey, you know what my sister needs?
    Blackout blinds for her bedroom.
    Between sunrise and the dogs, it’s impossible to sleep in!”

    Yo! Joey!
    Whenever you finally tire playing the role of most obstinate human being on the planet,
    It’s called —-> Sleep Mask and Earplugs.
    Sold, over the counter, at 99% of the drug stores and convenience marts
    that carry health & beauty supplies.

    Today’s Rx Giggle o’ the day. 😀 😀 😀

  9. @JeffW – I can’t believe you were giving away toilet paper! You’ll use it – eventually. Geeze!

  10. The FBI’s gonna come looking for you up in Canada for all those crazy searches, Joe. They may have to send Mulder and Scully though–as they are the only “honorary” agents with universal jurisdiction.

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