My sister’s dogs are bed hogs.  Kona likes to sprawl out in the middle of the mattress while Ralphie is given to pacing around at night and burrowing under the covers.  They must have awakened a good half dozen times between 5-7 a.m., anxiously looming over me in expectation of an early breakfast.  Every time I’d tell them “Go back to bed”, they’d lie down, wait until a respectful time had elapsed (10-15 minutes), then get up again and loom.  And when they’re not sprawling, pacing, burrowing or looming, they’re barking.  LOUDLY.

This morning, my sister sent a photo of the view outside the window of her Hawaiian hotel room –


This, meanwhile, was the view outside mom’s patio door –


Today, it was -21C/-6F, the perfect temperature for staying indoors and working on your scripts.  And that’s what I did.  In addition to continuing my deep dive research into this coronavirus.  Which, apparently, has now been renamed Covid-19 by The World Health Organization.  Great to see the W.H.O. finally being proactive on this front.  Meanwhile, I sleep well knowing that the experts continue to reassure the general public that this virus is no worse than the common flu.

Oh, that reminds me.  Have the hazmat-suited health workers been by to fumigate your offices yet?  I hear this year’s flu strain is a particularly nasty bug.

Tomorrow, I expect more of the same – but slightly different.   Sort of like Bill Murray on his 30th Groundhog Day loop.  A fitful night’s sleep culminating in an early wake-up.  Some morning internet surfing and writing.  Lunch with mom.  More writing at mom’s how.  BUT for dinner, I’ll be visiting my old buddy Lawrence and his wife for Korean fried chicken!

Meanwhile, back home in Toronto…

8 thoughts on “February 14, 2020: Like Bill Murray on his 30th Groundhog Day loop!

  1. Look at all the beautiful flowers your mom has! And she looks beautiful too!

    Wow, Hawaii looks awesome. Your snow looks… cold. My backyard is green. It has been a warm winter here in Texas. I don’t know why you northerners put up with all that snow and cold weather. But then, with global warming, I guess you won’t have to much longer.

    Don’t take this coronavirus talk lightly. You know China has never been good about giving all the facts freely. I think the death count is actually much higher.

    Suji’s dad did good! I bet her mom was very happy. I wonder if Suji told her mom the flowers were from her.

  2. Brrrrr, I like the Hawaiian view much better. Silly dogs are so silly.

    So many pretty flowers. I am basically ignoring the day. Big old nope.

  3. You must be exhausted! At least your sister is having a good time in Hawaii.

    Have a great visit with your Mom.

  4. Your mom is looking great!
    Ontario is frozen too. Definitely would rather be in Hawaii.

  5. C…ccc…can’t coo cccoomment, fffffingers frozzzen afterrrr s….ssseeing snow pic.,,,pic. ….tire Ture ! Picture.!!!! Senddddd hot cccc hocolate !

  6. This blog title had me wondering how many days repeated in the movie Groundhog Day. It was really bugging me, so I finally looked it up.

    One place said he was experiencing groundhog day for 12,395 days or almost 34 years! Another said in the movie we saw 38 days repeat but it must have been much longer than 10 years because of all he learned.

    Wow! Now I can rest in peace.

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