Well, Day #1 of my dogsitting stay in Montreal is almost complete.  And I am completely exhausted. I caught the second to last flight out of Toronto last night, got in a little after 9:00 p.m., woke up at 4:30 a.m. this morning to drive my sister to the airport, read for several hours, then headed over to mom’s for lunch – and an early afternoon of writing.  I am ready for bed – and it isn’t even 6:00 p..m. yet.

Behold part of of lunch!  Broccoli, rapini, crab mousse, beets, fried peppers, and eggplant.

So, in addition to the cat, Rapini, who stays downstairs most of the time and only comes up for the occasional pets, THESE TWO will be my roomies for the next little while…


Kona.  Very sweet if not a little needy.  Like nothing better than to sit by the window and incessantly bark at whoever, or whatever, happens by.  When I let her out in the backyard, she will take up position on the highest snowbank and sit vigil, ignoring my calls for her to come back inside.  She likes to sleep smack-dab in the middle of the bed.


Ralphie.  High-strung and anxious.  He also enjoys barking at passersby as well as bothering the cat.  He needs to be forced out to do his business.  At night, he’s a roamer, often circling the bed in search of the perfect cool spot.  Bonus: He peed on my sister’s bed last night, so there’s something else to watch out for!

Alright.  I’m off to watch old episodes of 30 Rock until I fall asleep.  Hopefully before 10:00.  Fingers crossed for a peaceful, urine-free night.

12 thoughts on “February 13, 2020: Montreal Day #1!

  1. Here’s a tip for getting Ralphie outside, keep tennis balls next to the door and throw it out so he see it. That only works if he likes to chase balls. 😉 Treats work to bring them in. “Things I learned at a kennel .”

    Your Sis has a great looking crew! You’re a good brother!

    Have fun!

  2. Kona’s eyes fascinate me. They’re so beautiful!

    I do hope you manage to get some sleep… I ended up buying a double bed just so I could get a good night’s kip, sharing as I do with a small JRT cross, Puddle (who prefers to sleep under the covers near my feet) and two arguing litter mate sister cats, who position themselves either side of my body on top of the duvet. It’s kinda comforting…. in an uncomfortable sort of way

  3. I have to ask you, is Kona part Bernese Entlebucher? It struck a note as soon as you said “needy”. We are currently looking after our daughters dog which is a pure bred, but my goodness, she is totally needy… has to be on our Laps wanting pets ALL.THE.TIME. And gives whomever she sits/lays on the continual stare down.. sometimes very annoying. She has a particular aversion to anyone (me) trying to use the iPhone. If we stop petting her, the nose pushes its way under the arm and flips it to petting position. Mostly funny behaviour but sometimes….

  4. So, not only are you dog sitting, but you are keeping an eye on mom like your sister does. Your mom cooks big lunches too? No bologna and cheese sandwich for lunch? She must really love to cook.

    My beagle likes to go outside and when she’s ready to come back in she just starts howling. She has me trained to throw a treat out the back door. She’ll come running to get it then I throw another treat on the couch. That makes her run in and jump on the couch to get it while I close and lock the back door. I suspect she does not really have to pee alot, she just wants another treat so she trashes the house until I let her go out. She runs her nose up and down the mini blinds (tearing them up) until I let her out.

    You could try the treat trick on Kona. Get her nice and spoiled for Andria.

  5. Very pretty puppies with some really unappealing behaviors!

    Your mum is so awesome! She is totally the upside to dog sitting.

  6. Hi Signore!

    I’m going to be pet and house sitting in Montreal in a few weeks. Do you have any recommendations for someone very much into pugs, genealogy, and coffee?
    And really good, authentic Italian food…!

    I’ll be in La Salle, by the way.

    Just wondering!

    If you and your family are in town, it would be lovely to meet you and your family. I know you probably won’t be, but it would be a dream to meet little Suji!


    1. I’m only here until end of next week-ish. BUT if you happen to stop by Toronto on your way out, let’s do lunch!

      1. This week has been miraculous.

        After trying to land a house sit in Montreal for the last 5 years, I just got one. I’m going to be driving from Dallas to Montreal, making two stops on the way. I’m probably going to be going through Toronto. It would be lovely to meet you guys. Suji is one of my favourite pugs in the world.

        I’m just excited to go to Canada, in general, with all the disastrous things happening down here.

        I know it can be super weird meeting strangers, especially people from online, so don’t feel obligated.

        If you need reassurance, have a look at this:



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