Hey, Stargate fans – “Tickets are still available for Gatecon Full Circle, the big 20th anniversary Stargate celebration being held in Vancouver August 27-30, 2020. Head on over to www.gatecon.com to grab your ticket while you still can.”

Check it out!  Guests will include beloved cast members, fan favorites, and Gary Jones!

I don’t usually do cons but I’m making an exception for this one given the momentous occasion, my connection to Gatecons of yore, and the fact that I was actually invited.  So I do intend to be there this year, schedule and wife permitting.

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7 thoughts on “February 11, 2020: Gatecon 2020!

  1. Well heck, now I might have to actually consider going to GateCon! :). I was looking at the ticket prices and the premium ones are a bit rich for my blood, but I could probably swing one of the lower options. I could tie it in with another backpacking trip up to Garibaldi Park.

  2. If Akemi goes with you to Gatecon, she must dress up. Surely you have enough stuff in your storage closets to make her a show stopper.

  3. Only 20?
    That can’t be right, can it?
    10 years of SG1, a couple of Atlantis on its own, then two of Universe.
    We’ve had all of Dark Matter, the Utopia Falls stuff, and the whole Transporter saga since then.

    Is that really all just 20 years?
    It feels way longer than that, and you’ve crammed in a TON of stuff!


  4. I’ll spread the word on gate.com. You love to talk to the fans, so I’m sure you’ll really enjoy it. Plus, you can visit all your favorite haunts, which both of you will enjoy. 🙂

    Have you watched Chernobyl yet? I’m wondering if I should dip my toes into it. Have you watched Fargo? I loved that series.

    My Mom visit went ok but I’m very tired of driving. Six hours, both ways but it’s better than her driving it. She’s in her mid 80’s and gets lost going to the bathroom. Still, she’s much healthier than a lot of people younger. She says the key to being healthy is to keep moving. Alzheimer’s runs in the family, so I’m watching for signs. The latest research says it’s link to diabetes (which she has). 🙁

    It should be soon for your Montreal trip? I hope your Mom has fully recovered and you have a great visit! Good luck with the trip!!!

  5. I was really glad that you cast Torri Higginson on DM. I REALLY missed her on SGA.

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