Wait!  Have I already shifted out of the dark timeline?  Received a message today regarding a project I have been working on with this lovable individual –


Yes, I’m collaborating with Ed the Sock (and, oh yeah, also his handler, the lovely and talented Steve Kerzner) on a high concept procedural.

Anyway, we’re scheduling a call for later this week to discuss next steps.  But this sounds very promising.

Not so much promising as it is interesting – I received a message from one of my reps informing me that they were submitting me for a new sci-fi series.  I’m honestly somewhat on the fence about joining someone else’s show, but would seriously consider it for the right project.  And this might be the right project.  Of course it will all come down to whether I (and they) feel I’m a good match.  If they’re looking to go dark and gritty, I’m not their guy.  If, on the other hand, they’re looking to do character-driven action-adventure with a sense of humor, then let’s talk!

Okay, AL MOST finished work on that pitch presentation I mentioned last night.  One more paragraph and I am done!  With my first draft.

Still awaiting notes on my outline for Episode 2 of TimEscape.  I imagine what’s happened is that the executives needed to read the script twice over, so amazed were they by the fact that they had absolutely NO NOTES!  Now it’s just a matter of congratulating me on a job well done and sending me off to first draft!

Lunches, lunches, and dinners!  Tonight, I’m going out with on-set producer Ivon Bartok and actress Zoie Palmer.  Tomorrow, it’s lunch with actor Jeff Teravainen followed by dinner with Utopia Falls Creator/EP/Diretor R.T. Thorne.  Thursday, it’s lunch with Line Producer Robbie David.  And then, Friday, it’s lunch with editor Jessica.

I am now one week away from my Montreal dogsitting trip.

7 thoughts on “February 4, 2020: Akemi-isms! Project update! Lunches, lunches, and dinners!

  1. Technically, Akemi was right on one thing about food standing … because today is the day of the year that eggs can stand … supposedly. LOL.

    Food, food and more food before Montreal. You are stocking up your belly I see. Awesome! XD

  2. My Dad used to have a coffee mug that said “A man who is outstanding in his field” with a picture of a man standing in a field. English is great!

    I’m totally up for a puppet based procedural!

    My mind has been ruminating over a Max Headroom reboot recently. Dark and gritty but also character driven and massively humorous! Given that we’re basically living in the reality predicted by the show in the ’80s (the world run by global advertising companies, organ harvesting, digital virtual assistants, 24/7 surveillance, an underclass of gig economy workers) the time is right for Max to show us what is going to happen 20 minutes into the future!

  3. ~~And I was worried you might not be getting enough to eat there….
    Love the Akemi-isms!!

  4. Oh, I think everyone clearly does say “standing”. You must have misheard it all this time. 🙂

    Teaming up with Ed the Sock sounds like a dream job, frankly. Say hi for me! In fact, say hi to all your lunch people for us!

    I’m pretty sure TimEscape was perfect as is!

  5. I could see the Akemi-ism appearing as a scene in Dark Matter involving the Android.

    1. And I’m not being critical…since my knowledge of the Japanese language ends at Pentax!

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