If you needed any more proof, look no further than yesterday’s Super Bowl.

I need to get back to my Reality Prime where, I expect, I’ll be receiving good news on one of my projects before week’s end.  Wish me luck on my journey back!

Feast your eyes on this haul!

This past weekend, Akemi and I hit the annual Winter Chocolate Show.  We picked up multiples of our favorites including Sirene’s Dark Milk, Hummingbird’s Cap-Haitien, Finnia’s buttermilk milk chocolate, and Coco’s London Fog, in addition to assorted others.  I think we’re good until March.

Suji seems to be settling in as the one and only.  We’ve got her up to two brisk walks a day and I suspect she could even do three.  It’s amazing when you consider that THIS –

Was how she got around when we first got her.  Check out her back legs.  She could barely move them and they were little more than dead weight.  Now, she’s unstoppable!

Finishing up work on a pitch package.  To be honest, I prefer scripting over assembling these overviews which are, for all intents and purposes, sales documents.  Of course, if someone is intrigued enough by the pitch to pick up the show for development or – better yet! – production, that script will come as well.  I’ve been working on this one for about two weeks now and feel it’s in pretty good shape.  In terms of comps, I’m describing it as Supernatural meets This Is Us.  Are you intrigued?

Once I’ve delivered – and provided I haven’t received notes on my outline for the second TimEscape script by then – I’m going to take a week off to recharge, making get some reading/watching in.  Then, next Tuesday, it’s off to Montreal for ??? days to dogsit – and start work on that new feature.

8 thoughts on “February 3, 2020: This is the dark timeline!

  1. Suji’s journey from where she was to now has been nothing short of incredible. It’s hard to believe that’s how she used to get around.

    Good luck on your return back to the normal timeline, but based on the view of my Twitter feed I think we’re all stuck here in the dark one with you. Take us back with you!

    Here’s hoping on those pitches!!

  2. That haul of chocolate feast you got will last only until March?! XD

    Hopefully you’ll hear back from LA super duper soon so you can make plan for that work and dog trip.

    Oh, and Montreal? … Nowadays for me will only mean more Smoke Meat Pete! LOL

  3. Supernatural meets This is Us seems like an apt description for the first season of The Witcher.

  4. It is amazing what you and Akemi have done to help Suji become her best self. It goes to show you that no matter what species of being you are, unconditional love can heal (internally, externally or both).

    Intense chocolate haul! Sunday morning I had officially lost 18 pounds. Then I had pizza for the Superbowl (just 2 pieces) with Diet Pepsi and I woke up 2 pounds heavier. I think it is the sodium. I wasn’t sure my stomach was ready for pizza because I was still on yogurt and bananas and light stuff like that after my disgusting bout of the flu (yesterday would have been 14 days and I’m still recovering my stamina). A bit of heartburn but otherwise seems to be okay. Although I notched it back down today.

  5. Suji has done amazing. What a journey she’s been on due to having such equally amazing “parents!” I wouldn’t have thought it possible.

    Love your chocolate haul – yummy! Good luck with all the projects. Hope your favorites get the green light. I’ll be rooting for ya!

  6. Hey Suji! Good for you, girlfriend! You have amazing parents, and it shows.

    “In terms of comps, I’m describing it as Supernatural meets This Is Us. Are you intrigued?” Yes! Although I’ve never watched “This is Us”.

  7. Yay for Chocolate!

    Yay for Suji! . As we get older, it’s important to keep moving. With your TLC, PT and encouragement, she’s made great progress.

    Have a relaxing re-charging time with your gals.

    I’m picking up my Mom tomorrow. She’s unable to drive here, so it’s an all day drive fest for me (I’m in Memphis & she’s around Nashville). Thank Goodness for Audible! Mom just wants to get some rest, so I saw that “Murder She Wrote” and “Bluebloods” is now on Hulu. I might invest in a couple of season of “Law & Order”, as well. 😉

    Wish me luck driving through the monsoon we’re supposed to get tomorrow. 🙁 I wish I could send some of this rain to Narelle.

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