10 thoughts on “February 2, 2020: Suji Sunday!

  1. That floor looks awfully slippy. Where’s Suji’s little toenail grippy things?

    Give her an extra treat for me!

  2. I’m not that tech savvy. Never have been. Yours is one of three blogs I subscribe to, but yours is the only one I read regularly/daily and I never, ever miss Suji Sunday! I cried for hours when I read about Lulu’s loss and for several days after. I’m crying even now trying to write this. Your tribute(s) to her have been so touching. I’m hopeful for your family as you lean in to the possibility of adopting another family member in due time. I lost my own little Brussels Griffon in October at the age of 15-1/2. Maisey passed after a series of surgical interventions which led to additional injuries, blindness, severe lameness in her hind legs, and multiple infections. We ultimately chose at-home euthanasia as a last resort. Unfortunately, the procedure did not go well and she did not pass peacefully. It was a devastating and traumatic 90 minutes letting her go. Our living room looked like an emergency room triage area when they were finally done. Even though we thought we had sufficiently braced ourselves for the event itself, and even though we thought we had wisely selected the right vet service to perform the procedure, there were unforeseen events due to the primary vet’s inexplicable lack of experience. Understandably, there has been much remorse and much guilt. I was deeply touched by your honesty in writing about your feelings when Lulu died so unexpectedly. It’s surely an odd thing to say, but reading about everything that happened to Lulu, you, and your family somehow helped me immensely. Grief is deeply personal, and we often feel alone bearing the burden of our personal tragedies. Thank you for sharing things in a way that made it easier for me to process my own loss. You have touched the lives of others in unique and immeasurable ways. I wish every possible blessing for you, Akemi, and Suji. Going forward, I eagerly anticipate and relish the details, photos, and videos you continue to share about Suji. Thank you for letting her be a part of your reader’s lives, too!

    1. Hey K.C.,

      I’m so sorry for your loss. That must have been devastating for you and your family. We always want what’s best for our dogs and cats but it’s always difficult to know what that is. And even if you make the best choice, it’s always so damn hard. Condolences.

      1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply, and condolences to you in return.

  3. Okay, you missed the call on the game, but so did a lot of others. Chiefs made the 1.5-point spread look pretty silly! Sad for my Niners, but Chiefs were on fire in the 4th.

  4. Very sorry K.C.. Maisey was very lucky to have you. I believe most of the blog readers here can sympathize with your pain. We’ve all been there and it’s very painful. Sending {{{Hugs}}}.

  5. I mean LOOK AT SUJI GO. She is practically RUNNING!!!! From back wheels to running! Wow. So inspiring. I needed some uplifting stuff to look at today; Suji also inspires.

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