Super Bowl 54 will see the Kansas City Chiefs face off against the San Francisco 49ers.  Mahomes and the Chiefs offense has looked positively unbeatable rolling into the big game, marching up and down the field and scoring seemingly at will, averaging 43 points in their last two post-season games.

They are reminiscent of the top-scoring Washington Redskins of ’83, the 1990 high-flying Buffalo Bills, the Greatest Show on Turf that were the explosive 14-2 2001 St. Louis Rams, and those altogether unstoppable offenses like the ’97 Packers, 2015 Panthers, and last year’s Los Angeles Rams.

All of whom, incidentally, lost the Super Bowl to a superior defenses.

I’m also kind of reminded of the 2016 Atlanta Falcons with their Number #1 scoring offense, averaging 34 points and 416 yards per game in the regular season and scoring a league high 540 points!  Enroute to losing Super Bowl 40.

Or, if you want to talk about unstoppable, how about the 2007 Patriots. 16-0! They didn’t lose a game all season!

All regular season.  But they lost the Super Bowl.

But no.  What Mahomes and this 2019 Kansas City Chiefs team really reminds me of are Dan Marino and the high-octane ’84 Miami Dolphins.  Like Mahomes and the Chiefs, they looked poised to tear it up in Super Bowl 19.

Only to lose.

To the San Francisco 49ers.  38-16

Defense wins championships.


49ERS 42 – CHIEFS 21

Unfortunately for the Chiefs, unlike the Houston game, no catch up.

But plenty of Mostert!

4 thoughts on “Spoilers for Super Bowl 54!

  1. From yesterday, That’s so nice house siting for your sister. Akemi can always use a mask on the plane. Not this kind of mask though: https://www.yahoo.com/gma/airline-removes-gas-mask-wearing-passenger-panics-travelers-090353989–abc-news-topstories.html I like the part that says that the mask didn’t have a filter.

    I do agree with Gforce that in our area, the regular flu is the bigger threat.

    GILDERMCC: I’m glad your hubby is feeling better.

  2. I agree the 49ers win. But for even more super intertainment, don’t forget about the Puppy Bowl.

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