Thinking of starting a new show, but not sure what I should be checking out while I wait for season 2 of The Boys to drop.  I feel in the mood for something in the horror realm and Stephen King’s The Outsider seems the perfect fit, except for the fact they’re dropping episodes on a weekly basis and I do hate to wait.  There’s M. Night Shyamalan’s The Servant, but I’m instantly suspicious of shows that generate articles promising to explain what the hell you just watched.  What else?  Well, I’m not a huge fan of extended PSA’s disguised as t.v. series.  I think it’s important for a show to have a message, and to deliver it in entertaining fashion, but I’d prefer not to be bludgeoned or spoken down to.  I’d also rather not start on something with a huge history I need to catch up on.  A low seasonal episode is great.  A minimal number of seasons produced to date is even better.  I prefer a serialized narrative over episodic storytelling.

Okay.  While I was in the midst of writing the aforementioned, I received a notification from the library informing me that my digital copy of Adrian Thaikovsky’s Children of Ruin is available to read.

Kindly disregard that opening paragraph.

Behind the scenes on Dark Matter – TWO on the move…

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19 thoughts on “January 28, 2020: Recommend me a new…ah, never mind!

  1. It seems like there’s a ton of new shows from the main streaming platforms lately. I have my suspicions about quality for a lot of them. ST:Picard is the one I’m most excited about lately. Also, waiting anxiously for the next season of “Barry”.

    Joel Goldsmith was indeed a legend. Simply brilliant.

  2. Joel Goldsmith = so awesome! I think you ought to build a series using his music again, specifically that last piece/score(?) of his played in the final scene of SGU. OMG! Brilliant yes!!

  3. Star Trek Picard is absolutely brilliant, must watch.
    For fantasy/horror entertainment, The Witcher is surprisingly very good, and worth a watch.

  4. Definitely not trying to strike your ego, but I just finished my 6th rewatch of Dark Matter (I own them from iTunes and DVD but still watched on Netflix. Go figure) So I would really like to see more Dark Matter.

    Although seeing it’s actors on other shows, especially Rookie with Mellissa O’Neil, is nice, I still see them as DM characters.

    Suggestions for other others; Schitt’s Creek, Letterkenny, Wynonna Earp, and 19-2 (I’m not Canadian I just love your TV shows).

  5. Joel Goldsmith’s music was fantastic. I have some of it on recordings.

    As to writing something, I’ll pretty much watch anything you write because of how serious you are about producing quality entertainment. And Canadian shows are superior to the junk produced in the US. We need you down here!

    Kudos to you for recognizing crew members who are completely behind the scenes and out of the limelight. They can help make or break a production. We see their names fly by in the blur of closing credits, so I love that you are recognizing these folks and bringing them to the fore.

  6. I’m trying to attach Joel Goldsmith’s final song for SGU. Why won’t it work? Or maybe it will….

  7. I’m 2/3 through season 1 of HBO’s “Watchmen” and have been loving it. It’s not what I expected and it’s good (season 1 is only 9 episodes). Have you seen “Castle Rock” from Hulu? I’m not a horror fan, but I loved both seasons that have released. Also on Hulu is the excellent “11.22.63”, another King adaptation that’s only 8 episodes and that’s it. No sequel, no season 2. Another one-off is “Good Omens” which has a demon, but is hilarious (Amazon Prime) and clocks in at only 6 episodes. That’s all you get from me!

  8. Did you see season two of Fleabag? What about “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”?

    My hubby and I have been reading the Expanse Novels by James Corey. They did a good job adapting the books but still, it’s interesting see the differences.

    Still waiting on March for the big senior pug hunt?

    1. I watched both seasons of Fleabag and loved it. Heard wonderful things, but I don’t think Mrs. Maisel is my jam.
      Yes, eyeing March for an L.A. visit.

      1. Both my wife & I thought the same thing about Maisel, not our bowl of gumbo. But… one night with nothing to watch we decided to see why it’s winning all the awards. Now, we only have 3 new episodes left & we’re trying to make them last. It’s really that good. I’m not saying you’ll love it or need to watch it, just that it completely took me by surprise at how much I loved it.

  9. Yes to all of the above TV entertainment complaints. Especially since that new Peanuts series proved to be nothing more than a PSA to promote NASA jobs. Still kinda bummed ’bout that. 🙁
    Albeit, when you replied to my original complaint with “They don’t make em like they used to”
    it sparked a wonderful idea to catch some old classics from the late 1940’s-60’s.
    Thus so far, I’ve watched some of the best of Abbott n Costello. East Side Comedy Kids. Vincent Price movies. The Chiller Theater TV series. I’ve even re-watched the original, 1946 version of “A Matter Of Life and Death” with David Niven. I loved the sets. Historical figures utilized. The court trial. The Escalator. And that the writers decided Earth would be shown in color and Heaven would be in black and white.

    As far as the Horror genre goes, a simple wikipedia search by decade might do the trick in finding something worthwhile that you haven’t already seen.
    Here’s the Horror movie list for 1960’s:

    Speaking of Heaven/Earth battle for the right to exist stories … Have you ever seen the 1991 comedy “Defending Your Life” with Albert Brooks? Gosh. I loved that movie. If you haven’t seen it, and even if you are not a Meryl Streep or Albert Brooks fan, the next time you are in the mood for a fun, laugh out loud, comedy give it a go. The best parts of the movie … All the Food. Food. Food. And the visit to
    The Past Lives Pavilion.

    By The Way: I’m sure it could not have been an easy decision to make
    regarding that cute gal who who flirted with you in LA and tugged at your heart strings.
    Just the same, for whatever its worth,
    I am really proud of you for making the necessary, responsible, call
    and I’m confident You, Akemi and Suji will find the right new senior fur babies
    for all to welcome into the family and next chapter of your lives.

  10. I’m pretty much done with TV shows. Ever since that “Nightflyers” fiasco a cancellation of “Origin” (by Youtube), I refuse to watch any show that either hasn’t finished yet or isn’t sure will get an ending. The only exception is “Mindhunter”, my wife pointed me to this show and it’s brilliant. Highly recommended.

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