Tomorrow’s the day that Stargate fans worldwide make their final push for a new in-canon Stargate series.  Head over to twitter and follow @StargateNow and @StargateNow_EU for all the details, from start time to the secret hashtag to who fandom will be tagging!

More of the #AmazingPeopleWithWhomIHaveWorked

Akemi made mapo tofu for lunch today and, while serving, told me about the Tofu Truck that used to come around her neighborhood when she was a kid.  Like the ice cream truck, it played music and then parked so that people could curbside purchases.  Akemi recalled being in kindergarten and running out of the house with her giant bowl to be filled with cold tofu in the summer, and hot tofu in the winter.  Curiously, there was also a sweet potato truck that followed the same M.O. but no ice cream truck.

It reminds me of when I was a kid and hearing the musical approach of what I assumed to be the ice cream truck, running outside with my friends only to discover it was actually the cutler truck – an elderly Italian man who sharpened knives or other cutting instruments out of the back of his truck.

I’m thinking of maybe doing something similar, riding around the various neighborhoods in my truck, playing a tune, but instead of offering ice cream or tofu or knife-sharpening, I would offer my script editing services.

9 thoughts on “January 24, 2020: 1 Day to the Stargate Tweetstorm!

  1. During my childhood, there were ice cream truck, bread truck, meat truck and vegetable truck coming around our neighborhood.

  2. There was a sweet potato cart in our neighborhood, but I was rarely home when it arrived, or I couldn’t hear it from my house, which was up the sidewalk road and then a flight of stairs. But oh, when I was around in winter, it was fabulous.

    I had forgotten about that entirely. What a lovely little memory, thanks for the jog down that crooked little memory lane.

  3. The photo of your mum’s broken arm popped up (from January 10th). How is she doing?

  4. Great story about Akemi’s childhood!

    I really like #AmazingPeopleWithWhomIHaveWorked too. It’s good to celebrate people. We are on this earth for such a short time.

    Big plans for this weekend? I’m working around the house today.

    1. Thanks for telling me that you weren’t that keen on Star Trek: Discovery. I thought I was the only one who didn’t enjoy it. All the best.

      1. Actually, I’ve never seen Star Trek: Discovery and, thus, can offer no opinion on the show.

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