A little over two months ago, North American Stargate fans took point in a massive tweetstorm.  This weekend, Stargate fans worldwide will lead the charge for a new Stargate series.


Save the date!

In the lead up to our Stargate tweetstorm, I’ve been posting some concept art (by Production Designer James Robbins) from SG-1’s ninth season.

In case you missed it…

Ori-ship01 Flame-demon01 Grail Virtual-set-int-ori-ship02Screen-shot-2020-01-23-at-6.28.35-pm

Heavy sigh.

Looks like we’re pumping the brakes on adopting a new (old) dog.  The plan is to fly down with Suji, sometime in early March, and have her pick her perfect match.

I am, admittedly, very disappointed in the delay.

5 thoughts on “January 23, 2020: Two days to Stargate Tweetstorm Europe!

  1. Sorry to hear about the delay. I’m sure Suji will pick a compatible companion.

  2. Maybe waiting for Suji to pick her new best friend is for the better. That being said, you can never truly know the personality of a shelter dog until they’ve been in your home for a while and a new normal is established. Just the right pooch is out there somewhere, though. This gives you a bit more time to dote on Suji.

    My thumbs are limbering up for the Tweetstorm. Thanks for sharing the concept art.

  3. I should be able to make it on Saturday! I’m pretty sure anyway.

    Watched the first episode of ST:Picard this evening and loved it. It is becoming another golden age for space sci-fi – it would be a perfect time for a new SG series!

    That sucks about the hold up it’s the new pup. But making sure Suji is okay with it really is important so maybe for the best.

    Threw my back out (QL muscle) yesterday morning, so after a day in extreme pain and then today with “only” bad pain, I think it’s gradually getting better.

    1. “Watched the first episode of ST:Picard this evening and loved it.”
      I saw this too but was unimpressed. What I loved about SG:1 & SG:A, and certainly DM, was the humour at appropriate times. All the Star Treks before ST: Discovery had humour in them. But these recent offerings seem to be humourless. Life isn’t all grimness and I watch to be distracted from the day. If there is no humour, I’m not watching. I expect TimEscape to be in this vein (DO YOU HEAR ME JOE!!!)
      Can you tell me why you liked it GForce?
      All the best.

  4. Awww, sorry about the adoption delay. Let’s hope Suji finds her new BFF in March. I feel bad for Lexxie, though. Poor girl is in a nice facility but it’s not the same as family. I wonder how she ended up there?

    John: I haven’t watched Picard yet but I did watch the first season of Discovery. That show is grim! You’re right about humorless, plus, not much comradery either. If they did have a strong bond, one of them bit the dust . The effects are very good though and it had some good twists.
    I heard Picard was going to be tackle the current U.S. administration, is that right? Even more reason to avoid this show, for me. Politics. blah! Ricky Gervasis had the right idea (per his Golden Globe opening).

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