It’s almost time.  Stand ready Stargate fans.  Our final tweetstorm is near!

Head on over to @StargateNow @StargateNow_EU at the appointed time to find out the secret hashtag.

Make sure to use the secret hashtag (and only the secret hashtag!) in your posts.

Make sure to tag one of the following possible international homes for a new in-canon Stargate series:

Amazon @PrimeVideo

Apple TV+ @AppleTVPlus

Netflix @netflix

Consult the above graphic for your local time.

A little trip down memory lane.  Concept art for Stargate: SG-1’s “Crusade” by James Robbins…

Ori-footsoldier-concept01 Pulse-blaster02 Prior Ori-staff-weapon Ori-shipyard-1

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