9 thoughts on “January 19, 2020: Suji Sunday!

  1. Hmmm. Does Suji and Lexxie need a cat? Suji runs great. Glad she got you out of the apartment and made you run.

    Lexxie better hurry before Suji gets use to being the one and only child . . . spoiled. (But that’s the only way to be – spoiled). There will be plenty of spoiling to go around.

  2. A kitty! Suji didn’t seem to care about her neighbor. Akemi, whatever you fixed for Suji’s breakfast must have been sublime because she sure tore into it! Thanks for another adorable Sunday post. I can’t wait to see how Lexxie fits in.

  3. Thanks for the pictures/video.

    A few random thoughts (my mind wanders today): I love black cats, both of you are the best pug people and Wowza, that’s a thick Canadian accent. I like accents. I’m always trying to identify accents. It’s a hobby. Anyhoo,…

    When’s the date to pick up Lexxie?

    One last thought I’ll share: Lexxie is a big girl, so she’ll need a whole new wardrobe.

    That’s it…. 🙂

    Have a great day!

  4. Suji and the cat are absolutely adorable. As is Lexi. And I do hope it works out with her for all you.
    You and Akemi have so much love and TLC to offer.
    Any fur baby you choose would be incredibly lucky to become a member of the family.
    Albeit, noticed your tweet to Patricia. Lexi’s sassy nature with other dogs is not late news. I think? I recall seeing her as initially listed as a being a bit of an alpha female and It was you who changed your mind and decided she was gentle and mellow when you went to visit and make a donation.

    If you have your heart set on the new additions including a female pug. Perhaps? a male/female bonded pair that would likely mostly stick together and not feel need to be involved in Suji’s business much, might work out well for all. ???

  5. Hey Joe? While I realize they are both male, Have you considered Pug Nations bonded pair Dao & Lao? They are both 13. Lao is listed as being very sweet with other dogs. Dao is listed as loving to cuddle with humans and being very affectionate. Both are mellow. I bet they’d both be absolutely wonderful with Suji.


  6. Okay. Here we go. I decided to look into how easy or difficult it would be to find a male/female bonded pair of senior pugs to adopt. Much to my surprise apparently there is a Northern Florida Pug rescue that takes in bonded senior pug pairs on a semi regular basis. (and yes, they do allow out of area adoptions.)

    These two are Smokey & Sally. Both are 11 years old. Listed as gentle, mellow, affectionate and getting along well with other dogs. https://pugrescueofflorida.org/adoptable-pugs/f/smokey-and-sally—bonded-pair

    I did a pet finder search for “brother and sister bonded senior pugs” and found many available candidates located at various rescues across U.S.

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