We are one week out from our final Stargate tweetstorm!

The first storm let MGM know that the Stargate fandom is alive and strong and looking forward to a new in-canon Stargate series.

This storm will let broadcast and streamers know that the fandom is hungry from a new in-canon Stargate series.

Next week, fans will be tagging the potential homes for the new Stargate series…

Amazon @PrimeVideo


Apple TV+ @AppleTVPlus

CBS All-Access  – @CBSAllAccess

Disney+ @disneyplus

HBO Max @hbomax

Hulu @hulu

NBCU’s Peacock @NBCUniversal

Netflix @netflix

Showtime @Showtime

Starz @STARZ

Take your pick.  Tag only one per tweet but, hey, feel free to tag a bunch over various tweets.  Let ’em know it’s time for Stargate’s return! 
Thanks to Robert Eliason for nifty Stargate: Superdrive graphics.
Continuing my #AmazingPeopleWithWhomIHaveWorked series:
For some reason, I am no longer able to embed tweets into this blog so had to use screenshots.  Hopefully that’s an issue that will rectify itself soon.
In the meantime, don’t forget to save the date!

12 thoughts on “Prepare to storm twitter!

  1. @Comet has a Richard Dean Anderson Birthday Special (which consists of multiple #StarGateSG1 episodes airing on his birthday January 23, 2020 (physical birthday January 23, 1950)

  2. Sadly I will miss this one. I will be at school with a dozen teenagers building a robot to compete against other robots in Mid-March. Yes, I’m retired as a teacher but I still volunteer around 15-20 hours a week with the robotics team. The school is in a district that is high poverty and kids normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn all that they learn by building a robot, so my time there is well-spent.But I’ll be thinking about the Tweetstorm, and may add some tweets when I get home around 5 PM.

  3. I read an article in the Wall Street Journal that basically said Apple is trying to buy MGM to add content to Apple Plus. If this happens i hope that apple revives the StargÅte franchise because it was MGM biggest tv money maker!

  4. Will be there and tweeting!
    One question who did came up with the design of Aurora-class warships?

  5. I like those screenshots better.

    Some pretty awesome people you have worked with over the years!

    I am so looking forward to your new little sugar muffin. Hardly can wait.

  6. Jan 25th. Ok 👌. That’s easy to remember …
    Same day as first day of Chinese New Year of the rat 2020! 👊

  7. Came here on other intentions but I’ll support this with great pleasure, there is nothing in this world I would want more than more stargate. I’m on my 20th? rewatch of the existing stargate and a new series would be a dream come true.

    Now, to the question I wanted to ask, whatever happened to Kvasir’s O’Neill-class ship at the battle of the supergate(P3Y-229)? Kvasir himself from what it seemed like stayed on the Odyssey during the battle but what about his ship? It can be seen firing on the ori motherships but then nothing. Popular theory is that it “retreated” to relay information on the ori to the rest of the asgard.?

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