Check it out – the international times for our upcoming Stargate twitter event. Take note of the hour in your area.  This is for all those fans who weren’t able to participate in the last tweetstorm.  That’s Saturday, January 25th (ish)!

So, spent much of the day rewriting the outline for the second episode of TimEscape.  Working on this one reminds me very much of writing episodes like Stargate’s Window of Opportunity and Dark Matter’s All the Time in the World and Isn’t That A Paradox?  Producing an entire season of this show would be unbelievable fun.  Of course, the whole “in development” portion of the process can be frustrating and, often, vastly disappointing.  But for now, it’s been a blast.

Pug Quest 2020 Update!  We inquired about Bocelli.  He’s a sweetheart but a big barker, which sadly means he wouldn’t be a great match for our anxious Suji.  Lexxie was taken to the vet late last week after showing signs of lethargy.  Turns out she has a UTI which they’re treating with antibiotics.  They’re keeping me updated on her condition, the poor gal.

Meanwhile – could it be?  Following a year of disappointment, am I about to read back to back great books?  I absolutely loved Mary Miller’s Biloxi and am presently very much enjoying Sue Burke’s Interference, the second book in her Semiosis Duology.  I should be finished with this one sometime tomorrow and am nervous about my next pick.  Can I luck out and actually read back to back to back terrific novels?

4 thoughts on “January 14, 2020: Updates!

  1. Poor little Lexxi. I hope she recovers soon! Is there some anatomy about Pugs that encourages UTI’s or is it just age related? I remember some breeds inherit certain problems….

    Changing the subject, I’m fascinated by this whole Meghan/Harry deal. I read that Canada is paying for a large portion of their security while they are there. (Nearly, a million per year) Being ripe targets for a kidnapping for ransom scheme, they definitely need security. I’d say that the world is getting meaner but the Lindbergh kidnapping happened back in the 30’s. Sadly, people have always been flawed. Sorry, my mind is all over the place today.

    I hope you find time to read today.

    Good luck on the Pup decision! I’d be tempted to take all of them!

  2. You know, I regretted Dark Matter didn’t continue because I was really looking forward to the Bathing Suit episode, since Zoie Palmer and Roger Cross appeared on ‘The Guard’ together! 🙂

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