Ah well.  An overnight ice storm has rendered the various streets surrounding mom’s place defecto skating strips (This morning, Akemi and I watched a squirrel literally slide down the driveway).  As a result, we are housebound.  No smoked meat lunch.  No going downtown to check out that condo in Old Montreal.  No walkies for the dogs.  Instead, it’s a lot of computer time.  I wrote about it, and did a little more reading of those two perfectly average novels which – surprise surprise! – were selected as 2019 Top Reads. It’s almost reached the point now that, if a book has received an award, that is reason enough to avoid it.  It’s almost as if people are giving awards for effort or what they imagine a well-executed version of the book COULD have been.

Awww, man.  Don’t get me started.  Let’s file away this rant for another day.

Okay, one final round of Name the Horror Movie by its Tagline.  This time, it’s the Foreign Horror Film Edition!

1 – They haven’t finished being alive.

2 – A tale of love.  A story of horror.

3 – Do you want to meet a ghost?

4 – Don’t let her inside…

5 – She always gets a part.

6 – Every family has its dark secret.

7 – Enter a world of madness and suffering.

8 – Some lines should not be crossed…

9 – Some people would kill for company.

10 – Fear will find you.

7 thoughts on “December 27, 2019: Mundane books and more horror movie tagline!

  1. Martyrs (France/Canada)
    The Orphanage (Spain)
    Kairo aka Pulse (Japan)
    Inside (France)
    Audition (Japan)
    Hereditary (US) ??
    Baskin (Turkey)
    Frontier(s) (France/Switzerland)
    Calvaire (Belgium/France/Luxembourg)
    Hidden (US)

    I admit it. I cheated. Google and IMDB are great

  2. Ice storm? Be careful there. Here in the Memphis area, we get ice more than snow. The city has a limited salt budget. So they combine salt with sand and only treat overpasses/bridges. I’m sure Montreal is better prepared but if you’re housebound, maybe they aren’t. 🙁

    I hope the power/internet stay on.


  3. Maybe all the good books have been written… Maybe there is nothing left to write about so subjects are just rehashed and reimagined?

    All these horror movie taglines sound so intriguing. “Do you want to meet a ghost?” Heck yeah! I’d love to see that movie.

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