Guys, if there is one thing I absolutely must do in 2020, it’s curb my pistachio cream consumption.  It’s really getting out of hand!


Akemi doing the chipmunk thing.



And Christmas dinner.

Alright horror aficionados, it’s time for another round of Guess the Horror Movie by its Tagline.  This time, it’s the Super Difficult Edition!

1 – What you can’t see won’t hurt you…it’ll kill you!

2 – John will never eat shish-kebab again.

3 – Get lost in these woods and you’re dead meat.

4 – Misery loves company.

5 – You have the right to remain silent.  Forever.

6 – Today the pond!  Tomorrow the world!

7 – In space, no one can eat ice cream.

8 – Take the stairs.  Take the stairs.  For God’s sake, take the stairs!!!

9 – It’s cheaper than a chainsaw.

10 – Fear is a place.

6 thoughts on “December 26, 2019: Happy Boxing Day! Get out there and fight, fight, fight!

  1. 4 – Misery
    Knew this one

    8 – The Lift
    9 – The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
    10 – The Fear
    7 – Killer Klowns from Outer Space
    5 – Maniac Cop
    2 – Happy Birthday to Me
    6 – Frogs

  2. 1- The Fog

    2- Happy Birthday to Me

    3- Wrong Turn

    4- 13 Ghosts

    5- Maniac Cop

    6- Frogs

    7- Killer Klowns from Outer Space

    8- The Lift

    9- The Nail Gun Massacre

    10- Session 9

  3. Something to cheer ya up after getting woken up before daybreak.

    YOU season 2 is out on netflix,

    Cheers! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Here’s hoping Season 2 proves as excellent
    as Season 1.

    Get those snacks ready for a binge watch!

  4. The Fog
    Wrong Turn

    The Fog, Misery, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre are high on my list. Killer Klowns was on TV a few weeks ago and I couldn’t get into it. I haven’t seen the other movies.

    I love the Christmas photos!

  5. I don’t know any of those lines. I’ll have to watch “The Fog” again. I remember it as entertaining.

    ALUN COX guessed mine from Silence of the Lambs, though. That was a good film.

    Drea: Yay for “You”. It’s a creepy good show. Have you seen “Bright”? It’s been on for a couple of years and it’s a Will Smith Sci-fi flick. It’s a nice bit of fantasy.
    If you don’t mind nudity/profanity then give Altered Carbon a watch.

    I’m watching Lost in Space Season 2 now. The first season was painful to watch. They all hated on the dad and for most of the season, I wondered why he even came with them. It was a bitch fest on Dad.
    Plus, the physics was incredibly bad. That’s saying a lot that I even noticed but this season, I’m suspending belief in the laws of physics and approaching it as fluff fiction. The effects and cast are pretty good. It’s entertaining and my favorite character is Debbie the chicken.

    I hope everyone is having a good holiday?!

  6. IMG_0383 copy.jpg I already have that. As it states on the shirt in Thai in the picture”Suetipe..Fight.. Fight..

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