Dark Matter would, of course, be top of the list – but in the interest of being as objective as possible, I will exclude my own (albeit well-deserving) show.


#10. Sliders

What a terrific concept for a sci-fi series.  The possibilities are as endless as the parallel worlds in our multiverse.


#9. Logan’s Run

I’ve been hearing rumors of a big screen reboot for some time but so far…nothing.  Still, think it has the legs for a series revamp.


#8. Space: Above and Beyond

Love me some military sci-fi.


#7. The Starlost

Not exactly a classic but certainly a fantastic premise involving an ark ship so vast it would take our heroes seasons to fully explore.


#6. The Outer Limits

Sure, Black Mirror is a sci-fi anthology, but its stories are decidedly more near-fi and very much grounded in the world of today and next week.  I want a sci-fi anthology that explores the worlds of the far future.


#5. Farscape

I miss the tone of this most lunatic of sci-fi shows.


#4. Space Battleship Yamato

An under appreciated classic chock full of colorful characters, action, and oodles of space battles.


#3. Space: 1999

Okay, okay.  The whole rogue moon angle is a little suspect.  Still, I loved this show growing up and believe it’s ripe for a return.


#2. Blake’s 7

One of the early inspirations for Dark Matter.  The original rogues in space.


#1. Stargate

Finally – this one’s so painfully obvious, I’m continually amazed that a streamer or broadcaster has yet to dial the gate once again.

So, what’d I miss?

37 thoughts on “Top 10 Sci-Fi Shows That Must Return in 2020-2021!

  1. I loved LOST … But I don’t think any new show about it could do justice to the Mystery and Allure of the original

  2. I can’t argue with a single one of those choices. Other than the obvious DM and SG, I would really love to see a new Space:1999 and especially a new StarLost. StarLost was a really great concept and I’d love to see it revisited with a modern take.

    BTW, the Messiah performance tonight went fantastic, perhaps the best one I’ve even been in. Audience members afterward were saying things like “incredible” and “amazing”. It seemed like every single performer was spot on. A truly great experience.

  3. Dark Matter, SG-1, Firefly, Babylon 5…and Star Blazers! I watched that cartoon every morning and it was wonderful. 🙂

    1. I would love to see Babylon 5 get a modern remake I always thought the special effects were a bit cheesy even for the time when it was produced as far as space battleship yamato (AKA starblazers) if your talking about a live action im with you but actually there has already been a live action movie done and currently they are doing an animated remake as well titled SBY 2199 and SBY 2202 with SBY 2205 being produced in JP right now both series are streaming in funimationnow and i think the live action movie is as well I hope you enjoy the new show the animation is phenomenal although I have to say the live action film leaves you longing for something better.

  4. George RR Martin’s ” Doorways”. I saw the pilot and was forever disappointed it did not make it to a series. Then again we never have had Game of Thrones then, so it was destiny.
    Loved Logan’s run when I was a kid.

  5. Torchwood would be my number two after SG and I miss Battlestar Galactica, athough I think the writing deteriorated as the show went on. Firefly is another no brainier and the cast would show up for work tomorrow morning because they loved making that show so much. The fan base is still there, too.

    In general, I miss the glory days of the Sci-fi channel before NBC Universal turned it into the wrestling channel.

  6. Charlie Jade, Odyssey 5, Counterpart, Outcasts, Colony, Harsh Realm, Crusade, Earth2, Eleventh Hour, Almost Human, The Lost Room

  7. Would take a lot for Blakes 7 but would love to see it back… do you have the audio dramas from Big Finish?

  8. I’ll echo Odyssey, Crusade, Earth 2 and Almost Human ones. Otherwise you’ve covered most of what I’d like to see. I loved Sliders; when it started changing with the removal of characters, the characters they created to tell us that story did not do so well. Of course Dark Matter absolutely needs to come back so you can finish that story.

    I think Lost, Babylon 5, and Battlestar Galactica all had clean finishes which explained all for me, so I don’t see where adding to the story would help. I would love to see Stargate Universe finished but if that was a no I could live with how you all closed that storyline.

    Well I’m heading to bed. It’s about 2:30 a.m. and it’s been a very long day today. Will try to go backwards on these posts to catch up when I can before my holiday pet sitting goes insane.

  9. We NEVER leave the dogs unattended in the car. I’m glad to hear that! I hope the trip went smoothly. How’s your Mom? Keep her busy.

    We are re-watching Space 1999 right now. If they re-do that show, it needs to be gutted. It’s very, very bad in many episodes. My hubby was reading about the cast/director difficulties. It sounds like a lot of ego got in the way of, what could have been, good quality viewing. Martin Landau was excellent and probably worth the trouble but Barbara Bain……. If anyone is interested, Space 1999 is on Amazon.

    CSCHNEID has some good suggestions. I loved Almost Human and Earth2 would be good to revisit.

    Firefly, of course is the top one. Firefly wouldn’t be the same flavor without the original cast/writers, though.

    Altered Carbon on Netflix is very good. Have you seen that one? Don’t watch this with your Mom. 😉

    There’s been so many shows that were interesting but cancelled too soon. Dark Matter, and all the Stargates, of course. Those are given….

    I haven’t heard of some of the ones you listed. I’ll look them up.

  10. Bruce and I are currently watching THE INVADERS, TIME TUNNEL, and VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA on MeTV. (MeTV has the oldies including Svengoolie.) However, VOYAGE isn’t very good due to the lack of continuity. We grew up with most of the shows you listed.

    When young, I eagerly waited, each week, to watch LOST IN SPACE and STAR TREK. It was refreshing when STARGATE came along because it developed the characters and had a continuous storyline thread.

    The show I miss is FIREFLY, but it doesn’t count since it’s not an old show. TORCHWOOD and DR. WHO were two others I loved to watch. Now I watch BLACK MIRROR and THE FEED on Netflix.

  11. Quantum Leap!!
    Journeyman was an awesome redoing, but that didn’t last long, either.
    And Daybreak, too.
    Stupid networks really don’t enjoy Time Travel shows, do they?

  12. Almost Human, Dark Matter, Dark Angel, Dollhouse, Torchwood, and of course Firefly.

  13. Yeah you hit most of them I think. Farscape, Blakes7 and The outer limits are certainly at the top of my list for sure. I still re-watch Farscape every year, it’s one of my all time favourites. In today’s climate of cancel culture I don’t know if I’d want these classics to be ruined though. Definitely keep them away from Syfy!

  14. I was OBSESSED with Travelers and pretty devastated when it was cancelled. I would be really excited if another outlet picked it up.

    And of course Firefly, always and forever.

  15. I would like to have seen Gene Roddenberry’s original “Genesis II” developed into a series. I also think “AlienNation” could have been a great one to revisit. Lastly, there is a rare Gerry Anderson pilot that made it on this side of the pond as an Afterschool special called “Day After Tomorrow”. The plot has a family of space explorers traveling through a “black hole”, and this was before the “Lost In Space” Netflix reboot. Come to think of it, another two kids series that needs to be redone “Space Academy” and “Ark II” were memorable ones that could be updated and put on the Saturday morning rotation.

  16. Thanks for including Space:1999, my all time favorite sci fi series! It’s funny that you are associated with Stargate Universe (which should be on the list, too – it really needed 5 seasons) as I felt that SG:U had a very Space:1999 “vibe” to it! I was introduced to the Stargate franschise via Universe and feel that Universe is the best in the franchise.

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