This morning marked the final mix session for Utopia Falls’ first season.  And, once the final note had been given, we celebrated with champagne and mini cupcakes!  Congratulations to series creator, Executive Producer, director RT Thorne on finally seeing his vision fully realized.  A BIG thank you to him, Andrea and the rest of the gang at Sonar, the cast, crew, and everyone else involved.

Now my focus shifts to the holidays.  We’re heading to Montreal for a week and, because our frenchie Lulu is a terrible flyer, it looks like we’ll be making the five(ish) hour drive there instead.  Time to fire up the podcasts, Japanese lessons, and kpop!

In case you missed it, HIGH ANGLE SHOT of the human-form replicator escape (Stargate: Atlantis – “Reunion”) –


4 thoughts on “December 13, 2019: Final Mix! Holiday Plans! In case you missed it…

  1. Congrats on the end of production! I will say that dome kind of reminds me of Logan’s Run.

    That drive from TO to MTL is not my favourite – kind of flat and mostly straight.

    Getting in the Christmas spirit myself tonight watching “A Christmas Story” on CBC!

  2. I hope all of you have a good, safe trip! Good luck keeping Suji from bullying your Mom’s dogs. 😉

    We are looking forward to Utopia Falls. Can you share the network it’s going to air on?

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