In case you missed, it another deleted scene from Stargate: Atlantis’s “Reunion”.  Well, okay, not technically a deleted scene but a big chunk of a deleted scene pertaining to Carson’s beloved turtles…

This was just uploaded to the Stargate Command youtube channel, a behind-the-scenes feature that makes it clear why I am no longer permitted to do onscreen interviews…

Well, tonight’s the night!  My Snow Monkeys kick-off the post-season in their semi-final match-up.  After much agonizing, I have elected to roll with Mark Ingram tonight, thus relegating Austin Hooper to the bench.  Was that the right decision?  I guess we’ll find out tonight!


7 thoughts on “December 12, 2019: In case you missed it…

  1. We need MORE on-screen interviews, not less!

    Boy, that was a cool blast from the past.

  2. Go Snow Monkeys! I see you have Darius Slayton too. I’m hoping he does as well against Miami as he did against Philly.

    Unfortunately, I got burned in the quarterfinal with Mark Andrews’ and Rashaad Penny’s injuries. Even with their injuries in the first quarter, I only lost by one point, so the rest of my lineup was decent.

    Now I can only make second place 🙄. Seems demotivating. Still, putting it in perspective, I’m not having as bad a week as Rashaad Penny is…he’s now out for the season, so well wishes on his recovery.

  3. Love the videos! You’ve aged well. 😉

    I don’t understand the Fantasy Football craze. So…you have make believe teams, with real life players (pretending to play) and …I’m missing something.

    Cookie making day! I’m tweaking my Snickerdoodle recipe by adding rum, nutmeg and toffee bits. I hope they turn out as good as they sound.

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