Ready to fly into action?

Good, because we’re now seven days out from the December 6th Stargate tweetstorm.

I came across another potential giveaway item for next Friday night.  Check it out –

A Stargate Ark of Truth/Continuum crew gift hoodie from back in the day.  Size small, so perfect for petite people, kids, and large dogs!

Hey, head on over to twitter and answer our Stargate Question of the Day! Today’s question…

Come on, Emancipation fans.  I want to hear from you!

Well, back home in Toronto but missing mom and her Italian home cooking.  Here she is in action making fettine –

Good eating!

8 thoughts on “One Week To Tweetstorm!

  1. I am a-Twitter with anticipation for the Tweetstorm!

    Just got back home from a great visit with my friends in PEI. Spending some time with them is a big recharge for me. Now back to doing some more painting in the new house and getting ready for Christmas!

    Your Mom is a a virtuosa in the kitchen!

  2. I adore your mom! That sweet, sweet face… there’s nothing like the love of a mama! (((Mama Mallozzi)))

  3. I notice she doesn’t overcrowd the pan. I tend to cram as much in a frying pan as I can get because I’m hungry!

  4. Funny you should mention Emancipation again. Really. I’ve already shared the reason why I was able to overlook the ep’s glaringly obvious flaws in order to use it as a discussion starter on a number of issues pertaining to women. I’ll have to think of another one to tweet about. Fun, fun!

  5. I like the look she’s giving you. It’s the basic Mom admiring her sweet son and maybe, a little perplexed by his odd behavior. 😉

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