Prepare for battle!  The Stargate Superdrive is only 10 days away from storming the internet!

Word is getting out…

Stargate Producer Joseph Mallozzi Reveals Plans for “Stargate Tweet Storm” For New Series

Stargate Tweet Storm Date and Time Revealed by Producer Joseph Mallozzi

Stargate Superdrive: Producer Says The Franchise’s Return Is ‘Inevitable’

I’ve heard from a number of old friends who will be joining us on the night.  So keep rallying the troops!

P.S. – I’ve been going through my storage unit for cool giveaway items and came across this awesome, never worn North Face vest (size Large) that was a Stargate: Atlantis crew gift during the show’s run.  Check it out.

Everyone participating in the December 6th tweet storm will have a chance to win this and several other cool sci-fi items.

More surprises to come!

4 thoughts on “November 26, 2019: 10 Days to the Stargate: Superdrive Tweet Storm!

  1. This has to get attention this time Joe or I will eat my gym shoes, you can join me. Tamari sauce will help them go down. Love ya mate, keep up the wonderful work you’re doing for all of us.



    1. Um, are they your old ‘flavoured’ gym shoes or brand new ones? If they’re new, I may help you otherwise…. 🙂

  2. Joe…any chance of support from the other Stargate fan club ? You know, the one with the uniforms, the planes and oh yeah, the real Cheyenne Mountain.

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