So, I am in Montreal for the week, dog-sitting my sister’s pack while she attends a conference down south.  Woke up early yesterday in order to catch an early flight in, accompany mom to a medical follow-up (All good!), and get the rundown of Andria’s place.  Last night, I slept in her guest room which, interestingly, doesn’t have blinds, thus ensuring I was up at the crack of dawn (somewhat earlier than I anticipated).

Today, it’s been quality time with Kona and Ralphie (and, to a lesser extent, her cat, Rapini, who prefers the solitude of the basement unless dinner is late).  Oh, and mom.

Img_9031 Img_9032

Lunch at Smoke Meat Pete (make sure to order it medium-fat!).  A tradition!


Chocolates dipped ice cream cones at Chocolats Favoris.


Making Russian tea cakes, aka Mexican wedding cookies, aka snowballs, aka sneaky cough inducers.

Whoo, I am exhausted.  Early night.  I’m turning in.  Feel free to stay up as late as you like.  Just remember to turn off all the lights when you’re done.

4 thoughts on “November 19, 2019: Dogsitting!

  1. To be fair, the crack of dawn this time of year is pretty late! Those eats look good, and your mom is looking great! Say hi for me!

    I am also just turning in. It’s an hour later for me though!

  2. After midnight here and once again am still awake
    so i guess I’ll be your late night reveler for this entry
    unless someone else wakes up in the middle of the night.

    oooh! Hot pastrami on rye w/ mustard.
    Was just thinking ’bout that today.
    Unfortunately the only place in this area
    that served a decent deli sandwich and proper pickle
    recently sold their business and moved out of state.
    so off i go on a walkabout this weekend to seek out a new spot to get my fix.
    I did at least manage to locate a decent double scoop
    pistachio almond cone today to relieve some of the stress from my grief
    and sense of now feeling almost completely disillusioned with modern society.
    And, as of this late night moment, its looking like
    tomorrow may easily prove itself an orange and vanilla creamsicle
    atop homemade chocolate chip cookies kinda day.

    Ah. Comfort food.
    The great equalizer.
    Nothing really compares, eh?

    BTW: Noticed that awesome gps bird migration you RT’d.
    Tam found and RT’d this one.

    Check it out.

    Simply Magical. 🙂


    Enjoy your week with Mom. Food. Andria’s fur babies. And hopefully spending some time
    hanging with friends while your home.

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