Well, there you go.  It was back and forth and, in the end, pretty darn close, but we finally have a winner in our Stargate: Universe Greatest Episode Tournament!  Twin Destinies takes the crown.

Having hosted a tournament for each of the three Stargate shows – SG-1 (Window of Opportunity), Atlantis (Rising), and, now Universe (Twin Destinies), I’m wondering if we should host similar tournaments for Dark Matter and Travelers?  What do you think?

But first thing’s first.  It’s high time for one GIANT final tweet storm in support of a new Stargate series.  Given the way the current television landscape is developing, the rise of the streamers, the quest for marquee programming, the revisiting of established franchises, and, chiefest of all, the enduring passion of Stargate fans – the time is NOW.

22 years since Stargate: SG-1 premiered.

9 years since Stargate: Universe aired its final episode.

In between, 14 years, 17 seasons, 354 episodes, and an ever-growing army of fans.

Fandom has waited long enough.  You’ve all been incredibly patient.  But it’s time for MGM to green light a new show.  One that ALL of Stargate fandom can get behind.  Not a reboot or a reimagining, but an in-canon series that builds on seventeen seasons of television history while, at the same time, offering a jumping on point for new viewers who may have never watched a single episode.  There’s room for all fans, newbies and veterans alike.

If Star Trek can have THREE shows on the air in 2020, Stargate can have ONE by 2021.

So, to all those fans who feel ignored, who complain that the studio doesn’t listen to them, prepare to be heard.

Friday, December 6th is the date.

Circle it.  Clear your schedule.  Get the word out.  And rally the troops.  Because this time, Stargate fandom will NOT be denied.

9 thoughts on “November 18, 2019: Crowning a champ and planning a tweet storm!

    1. Looking at the evening of the 6th, so no need to take time off work. Unless you need it to psyche yourself up.

  1. I’ve an appointment with the doctor on that day.
    He’s going to stab me and steal my blood.
    I’ll have to look into ways to automate tweets, just in case I don’t make it.

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