Twin Destinies beat out Gauntlet in semifinal action, setting the stage for our heavyweight finale.

Who will bring home the championship in our Stargate: Universe Greatest Episode Tournament?


So, yesterday’s blog entry was exceedingly late.   I had actually completed a draft, set it aside – and simply forgot to come back to it.  I was, admittedly, a victim of distracted blogging.  To be honest, I’ve had a fair amount on my mind of late, almost all of it related to the projects on my plate.

I feel…how shall I put this?



Fed up?

Yes, all of the above.  My patience has come to an end.  Time for a major course correction.   Facciamo piatto pulito!

6 thoughts on “November 16, 2019:

  1. Ugh. When you’re annoyed, frustrated, and fed up then so are we! I hope things resolve quickly, though if it’s a matter of throwing good time after bad then perhaps a course change really is necessary. Keep us posted!

  2. Joe, I can sympathize! Even though I have been moving house this week, I’ve still had to jump on work issues, all the while juggling house fixes (mostly arsenic and radon mitigation) combined with moving, unpacking, and sorting. To top it off, all that is on pause as I fly to San Francisco this week for meetings. I’d like to think the holidays will be quieter, but I doubt it.

    So how far is the clearing of the plate going? Just removing the high stress stuff, or packing it in and moving some place warm with no internet? The latter is looking appealing to me at the moment 😉.

  3. I’m catching up to your blog. We took a week at Disney. I knew it was time to leave when their subliminal messaging had me considering a Disney timeshare. 😉
    Out of all of the rides, the Pandora simulator was the best I’ve ever seen. Granted, I’ve only seen Disney’s/Universal’s. The lines were terrible and this was their off season. Anyhoo, back to the real world. I sure missed my Lucy Goosey!

    Did I miss anything? When is your L.A. trip? Frustrated, huh? You need another Tokyo trip.

    A big Wave to Thorgar. I’m sorry his cruise didn’t go well.

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