Episodes Time and Twin Destinies have advanced to the semifinals in our Stargate: Universe Greatest Episode Tournament!  Which two episodes will join them?  We’ll find out as four wildcard entries battle it out for the final two playoff spots.

It’s Air Part 1 vs Light vs Epilogue vs Gauntlet.  The top two vote-getters advance!

Head on over to twitter and cast your ballot!

Oh, hey, speaking of Stargate, check out who I had dinner with last night.

Topics of discussion included Travelers, Dark Matter, showrunning, the t.v. industry, dogs, frozen shoulders, and the quality of the lone Chinese restaurant in Brad’s neighborhood.  Oh, and Stargate of course!

It was great catching up!

4 thoughts on “November 12, 2019: Moving on to the Stargate: Universe Greatest Episode Tournament wildcard rounds! With Special Guest Star Brad Wright!

  1. Brad Wright?!!!
    Looks like you two bought out the entire restaurant for the night? LOL.

  2. It is sad it was cancelled. Unniverse, unlike Atlantis, showed much more progress of how the authors improve. Far more tense than the other two, where everything was quickly “figured out”.

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