Well, here are the final results of our Stargate: Universe Greatest Episode Tournament – Season 1 Face-Off…


Time advances to the semifinals.  But Air Part 1 and a couple of write-in candidates will be duking it out in the wild-card round later this week – so stay tuned!

In the meantime, head on over to twitter and vote for your favorite episode of SGU’s second season (Even though, yes, the tweet says Season 1.  Damn twitter and it’s failure to incorporate an edit function).

So, I’m thinking end of November/first week of December for our upcoming Stargate tweetstorm.  I’ll be in Montreal the week of the 18th dogsitting sis’s pack, and will spend the time strategizing.  I think the timing will be good.  Very very good.

I’ve noted increased online discussion concerning the fate of Stargate over the past day or so.  There are those who paint a pretty bleak picture of the franchise’s future which is, honestly, very much at odds with my view.  While I can totally sympathize with fandom’s frustration and growing impatience, I must point out the absurdity in assuming MGM no longer cares about Stargate and has no interest in producing a new series.  Respectfully, that doesn’t make a lick of sense.  Rather, I strongly believe the long hiatus has everything to do with an over-abundance of caution on the part of the studio.  If they’re going to green light a new Stargate series, they need to ensure it has the best chance at success – and, in order to do that, they have to be absolutely certain about timing and creative.

Now, I can’t speak to what’s going on internally (the last time I visited the MGM offices was back in 2013), but I am pretty damn certain they have run through every possible scenario.  And, while running through these seemingly endless scenarios, I have absolutely no doubt that our last tweetstorm did serve to remind them that a strong and very passionate fanbase is still out there, ready to help launch and support a new series – one that serves as a jumping on point for new viewers while paying respect to the existing universe in which they are invested.

But one more tweetstorm might be a nice reminder.

Stay strong, Stargate fans!  Stay positive!

8 thoughts on “November 9, 2019: Yet another take on Stargate’s future (but, really, it’s the same take)!

  1. Hi Joe
    I sure hope you are right! I’m ready for another tweet-storm!


  2. All those S2 eps are great. I went with Epilogue, but they’re really even to me.

    I absolutely trust your judgement on a new SG series potential over a million random internet posters! I will be there for the tweet storm!

  3. I don’t even like Twitter but I’d tweet! I want to see more Stargate and I want to be optimistic. 🙂

    Also idk what changes you made overall but now I can read your blog in my rss reader again. Not sure if it’s tied to the overall theme you picked or if you selected an option but either way 😀

  4. I hope too there will be something, even if we have to wait long. At least, we had closure for most of it (RIP SG:U) as opposed to, for example, Alphas or The Glades =)

  5. It may be absurd and not make a lick of sense for MGM to not do anything with the Stargate franchise, but don’t forget it also was absurd and made not a lick of sense for SyFy to cancel Dark Matter. So who can tell with those big tv execs? You can’t really blame fans for losing hope after all this time.

  6. Fans are a fickle bunch. I recall when SGU was released. I fell in love with the show, but I was so surprised at the overall reaction to it on fan sites. I think there are still a group of “hardcore fans” who still haven’t watched it.

    I’m pretty sure MGM has spent more than a little time attempting to figure out what it would take to get the Stargate fandom to accept a new offering. Sometimes fans can be their own worse enemy. There’s no doubt in my mind that fans want more Stargate. I just wonder how many of them want more SG1, with the same cast, rather than a new show that’s in the same universe with the same canon.

    I’d like to think that fans are smarter than that, but I have my doubts. Regardless bring on the tweet storm, I’ll be there!

  7. Imho like My first Thought with a new StarTrek “vanilla” series wouldn’t do the Job I think the same with Sargate ..it won’t do the job.
    StarGate need a Refresh in the Story,Casting and quality for today. Unfortunaly I don’t think this is possible without few modificatrions in the cannon.But this like Star trek or any other original series (or video games) has to be pleased by the two sides ,the old fans from the original series and the new ones.It is tricky and ask lots of consultations before coming up to a final product.Will we gain more than we will lose ??
    There is a place for a Brand new Stargate series but original writers founders of the SG will have to agree to this reality by accepting few mods while keeping the spirit of SG1 .

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