Received the following news update regarding Stargate Command, the streaming platform dedicated to all things Stargate…

Alas, while sad in principle that a site dedicated to Stargate is shutting down, I think the big picture offers a more positive message.  Much of the exclusive content (interviews, behind the scenes videos, etc.) will be moving to YouTube meaning:

The content will now be free.

The content will now be available worldwide.

Respectfully, cost and accessibility were two of the biggest concerns I heard fans express regarding the site.  Either they were interested but couldn’t afford it, or they were interested but unable to stream it in their region.  Well now, they can.  And while the original episodes won’t be available (They’ll no doubt land somewhere – but you would be paying a subscription fee to view them regardless UNLESS you already own the shows.), new Stargate-related material will be made available to all.  

Of course the question on everyone’s mind is – how does this affect the Stargate franchise?

Bottom line: it doesn’t.  

Stargate is one of MGM’s flagship assets, its most popular television franchise, and, as I’ve been saying for a while now, it’s not a matter of IF we get a new Stargate series, but WHEN.

And, yes, it’s frustrating watching news break of that Lizzie McGuire revival, leaving you wondering: “But when IS when???”.  Well, the truth is that Stargate’s value, while ensuring its inevitable return, also ensures that the studio is going to be very careful about HOW they bring it back.  And, ultimately, there are a couple of ways to go with that.

They could do a reboot that would essentially wipe out 17 seasons of canon – which, I’m pretty confident, is NOT going to happen…especially after last year’s tweetstorm reminded MGM there are A LOT of very passionate Stargate fans out there (And, yes, I’m sure they got the message).

They could gamble on some outsider to create a new series, someone with no connection to the television franchise, its fans, and, by extension, the characters and stories that made it such a huge success.

OR they could entrust a new series to someone who created, wrote. produced, and oversaw 17 glorious years of Stargate – who has enough television savvy to create a new series that serves as a jumping on point for new viewers while, simultaneously, honoring what has come before.  In short, a win-win that makes so much sense that my head hurts trying to imagine why it wouldn’t make sense to anyone else.

Hmmmm.  You know what I think we may need?  A good old-fashioned tweetstorm!

Heads up!


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18 thoughts on “October 31, 2019: Stargate Command and the future of Stargate!

  1. MGM has to realize the potential that this franchise has. Star Wars and Avengers have just wrapped up so a sci fi franchise needs to step up. Either though movies or a series StargÅte can fill the void. It would have to come together quickly so previous writers, directors, producers, etc. would be up for the task. We all know there are already scripts made for movies and shows. Time for MGM to take the plunge into the event horizon.

  2. My Twitter account is ready and waiting for the word! May all our tweets be trending and our stays in Twitter jail short!

    I think one of the problems with the Stargate Command service was there just wasn’t enough “new” stuff on it. You could stream the episodes (though not in HD, if my memory serves), but there wasn’t the content to keep people coming back again and again. Of course, a new series would certainly have helped with that, but even then paying for a streaming service to just watching ONE show probably would not be that popular.

  3. I’m trying to think of someone who wrote awesome Stargate episodes, who created another awesome sci fi franchise, and who also has experience show running. Of course this person has to have a treasure trove of new ideas and familiarity with existing cannon and unfinished story arcs……………………

  4. I’m sad to see Stargate Command shutting down, I’m not usually a joiner but it’s an online community I enjoyed being a part of.

  5. Not if but when. Bold words, and I’m forever hopeful you’re at the helm when it happens ❤️

  6. Got the email this morning, and my initial thought was…
    “Well, guess I’m going to have to go back to ripping all those dvds, then..”


  7. I had only subscribed to SGC to show their were people who would pay to get/see more. I didn’t visit the site much honestly, but I was a very early subscriber and renewed anyway. If they are going to do something, but not sure when, they just need to leak something to give us hope and something to look forward to!

  8. too often in money business what makes sens is not the way it goes but I wish us all the best

  9. I’m thinking that perhaps we’re missing a piece of the puzzle. No doubt in my mind that MGM is sitting on a great property, but I’m still curious as to why they haven’t acted on it yet. Last years global push to raise and confirm Stargate’s support was pretty amazing, and I’ve got to believe that it was noticed by the right people at MGM. But still, nothing is happening, that I can see anyway. Are they waiting for people to become available? Not enough information, unfortunately.

    So, a do over? I’ll be happy to participate, but did they ever acknowledge the last one? Let’s say we rouse the troops and are able to meet or maybe even exceed last year’s campaign. What happens when the same result is achieved? By that I mean, nothing concrete. I’m wondering how Stargate’s fandom might react to another, “No comment” from MGM. I think that it’s quite possible that fans might have a hard time accepting a result along those lines and might become very vocal in their disappointment

    Regardless, I think it might be worth it just to see how MGM reacts.


  10. I’m actually really happy about this move for Stargate Command – I subscribed from the start, but I almost never used it because it was simply too difficult to use their website or their app (I could never get the episodes to load fully, making it hard to enjoy just one episode).

    Plus, all three Stargate series and the movie have been back on Amazon Prime Video for a while now, so I just go there to watch.

  11. A live action version of Stargate:Infinity would be awesome! (Whoops. Did I say that out loud???) – Just a joke guys…. Seriously, with SG1 being the centerpiece, there has got to be a way to combine all three shows in a way that takes the experience to a grand new level. If the series (or film) has the leadership of the original Stargate movers and shakers I am in! Bring on the TWEETBARRAGE!

  12. I’m rewatching SGU now and I really want to get a continuance. I’m just on S2:E3 and can’t help but feel anxious that it will just stop so soon. I would love a re-launch of SGU with many of the same actors. Possibly some of the pods fail as a reason for some not returning. Eli found the gym, to explain David Blue’s current physique. Maybe even the pods only keep you alive but don’t stop aging to explain the older appearance.

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