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Went for my annual physical today.  The highlights…

Blood Test: According to the tech, women fare much better at having their blood drawn.  One in three men pass out.  I’m in no position to argue stats but, nevertheless, had to look away.

Kinesiologist: Confirmed I am inflexible, both figuratively and literally.

Dietitian: I was told that if my eating plan is working for me, I should just keep doing what I’m doing.  Akemi was disappointed I didn’t get called out for the back to back pistachio cream bombolones that made back to back appearances in my requisite 3-Day Food Journal.

Stress Test/EKG: My morning workout routine paid off.  I am, apparently, in excellent shape.  So I rewarded myself with a Tokyo style Nashville fried chicken sandwich for lunch.  And a pistachio cream bombolone.

Vision/Auditory Tests: Apparently, I’m getting older.

Ultrasound: The technician seemed disquietingly thorough.  

Blood test results next week!  Have I lowered my cholesterol?  Have I raised my vitamin D levels?  Stay tuned!

Rewatch: Stargate Universe  

“Normally I don’t recommend shows that end on cliffhangers, but it’s by far the most gentle cliffhanger I’ve ever experienced. There is no peril, in fact they are escaping peril, and all we are left with is plenty of time for Eli to solve a problem that we all know he can solve.”

5 Reasons To Start Watching Dark Matter (Even Though It’s Cancelled)

“Of course there are layers to Dark Matter’s reveal that go to the show’s core questions surrounding identity. Who can people be when they are given a clean slate via amnesia? The crew of the Raza makes the conscious choice to be better people than they once were, which lends every solved mystery more weight.”

Finally, here’s that Ultimate Kpop Playlist.  

What’s missing?

13 thoughts on “October 29, 2019: IG Dogs, Health Check, Links, and the Ultimate Kpop Playlist!

  1. Of course Lulu gets a follow!

    The big question is, have you broken down and started using the reading glasses yet? 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you received good health news so far. Hope the lab results are similar.

  3. I haven’t had a thorough physical examination for . . . hmmmm . . . 30 years? They said then that my blood pressure and cholesterol were fine so I’ve been sticking with that diagnosis ever since. At this stage I suspect I’m only still alive through sheer willpower and ignorance. Although my eyesight has almost reached the point where I will need to get glasses if I want to be able to read the text on my phone.

    I’m half way through S8 SG1 and S1 Atlantis in my Stargate re-watch. Looking forward to starting Universe when I get to it as I’ve only seen it once. Likewise with Dark Matter once I’m done with Stargate.

  4. Congrats to Lulu! I have a soft spot for these cantankerous old gals (my own Lucy included). You go girl!

    One in three men pass out. I’m in no position to argue stats but, nevertheless, had to look away.

    Personally, I’ve always been curious when I’ve given blood samples and I’ve watched the whole time. But then, I found it cool as a kid when I accidentally sliced my palm open from thumb to pinky and, after the shock wore off, noticed that the fat under my skin was yellowish and my tendons were a blueish color. Guess I’ve never really been squeamish.


    Congrats on the move! Mine comes next week, so your success give me hope! 😉

  5. I have rewatched Dark Matter few times. Still sad it’s cancelled!
    That Kpop playlist is killing it!
    Yes, Lulu, finally!

  6. Wondering if the place where you had the “Tokyo style Nashville fried chicken sandwich for lunch” the same one I happened across and loved so much? I sure wish I could return for more of that crispy juicy chicken.

  7. Good news on your physical! I keep complaining each time I go to the optometrist and have to get increasingly more powerful contacts. I’m near sighted and that makes seeing small print a problem. Then the doctor reminds me that I’m 50 years old.

    What’s missing from your playlist? Slipknot. =)

  8. My annual appointment is actually next week, I thought I had one booked, but their online appointment system is wonky. I’ve done the pre-labs though, and seen the doc briefly for a refill. I am not looking forward to this at all. Gah. I am also getting teeth cleaned today, had my eyes done last week, and have a surgical referral in the works. This staying healthy thing is not for wimps.

    1. Let me know your favorites!

      I’m stilling the process of expanding the playlist – so save the link!

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