Well, tomorrow is the day I have not been looking forward to – the day of my annual health exam.  I’ll be there at 7:45 a.m. for a physical followed by a blood test, EKG, stress test, vision and auditory test, the hated physio exam, and a visit with a nutritionist who will no doubt try to convince me that eating a pistachio cream-filled bombolone every day is bad for me.  To prepare, I dutifully filled out my recent 3-day diet journal (I expect points for that baked red snapper we had for lunch Saturday) and had oatmeal for dinner tonight in a desperate attempt to game the system.  According to last year’s results, I am vitamin D deficient and my cholesterol is almost high…but not quite.  I’d chalk it up to stress but, really, what do I have to be stressed about?

Except, maybe, firing people.  Although “firing” is such a harsh way of putting it.  I prefer…”professional breakup”.  It’s not you, it’s me.  

Anyway, full physical tomorrow which should take about four hours after which we can head over to that new place that serves up Japanese-style fried chicken sandwiches.  I believe that, in Japan, instead of getting donuts and orange juice after giving blood, you are offered these delicious sandwiches.  So that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow.  As is the custom.

I’m going to bring along a book tomorrow so that I can read between the various wait times.  It’s a mere 200 pages and yet, has taken me over two weeks to get through.  It’s not bad but just feels like a much lengthier and poetic version of Zelazny’s awesome short story “The Game of Blood and Dust” that appeared in the James Baen-edited Best from Galaxy, volume 4.  I don’t know.  After all those novels I read last year, maybe short stories are more my speed now.


My fantasy football team, The Snow Monkeys, need 22 fantasy points from the Pittsburgh Steelers defense tonight to pull off a victory.  Shutting out the Dolphins and running back an interception for a touchdown is all it will take.  I am, as always, ever positive.

I am putting the finishing touches on my Ultimate Kpop spotify playlist and will post it tomorrow so that you can give your recommendations for whatever songs I’m missing.  



6 thoughts on “October 28, 2019: That time of year!

  1. 😮 Is that the standard annual physical under Ontario public health insurance?

    I don’t recall EVER having all of those evaluations on one day under US private insurance.

      Depending on where you live, not all provinces cover “annual physical” under the public health purse.
      Ontario is one of the provinces that does cover.

  2. What? You mean you didn’t eat a whole week of vege diet to game the system?
    I was asked by an “aspiring vegan” to watch a documentary on Netflix called The Game Changers … He was convinced after watching that he could turn me into a vegan as well.
    Didn’t work. LOL.

  3. Sorry my Steelers Defense couldn’t help you out tonight. No idea what happened in the first half.

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