I’m back home following a whirlwind 3-day visit to Montreal to visit with mom, sis, and my cousin who was in the hospital for heart surgery.  By all accounts, it went well and she’s hopefully on the road to a speedy recovery.  She’d been complaining of trouble breathing for three weeks now, assuming it was allergies acting up, and didn’t know it was her heart until it was almost too late.  

It reminds me of a chat I had with Robert Picardo the last time he was in town. He advised me to get checked for a specific condition that can result in a heart attack called The Widowmaker, presumably so named for obvious reasons.  I informed him that I have an annual physical every year (upcoming at month’s end) in which they run a full blood panel, monitor my heart rate while I run on a treadmill, do an EKG, and test everything from my (failing) eyesight to my reflexes (poor).  But Bob cautioned that this was not enough and there is a special test that needs to be done specifically for arterial blockages.  And, in fact, the more I think about it, the more I’m inclined to rest one of those overall body scans just to see where some five decades of bourbon and desserts and have left me.

I arrived home late this afternoon and my dinner after three days of fried festivities = steel cut Irish oatmeal and blueberries.  

Akemi and the dogs were delighted to see me, although Suji was quite vocal about my absence. 

To everyone ( no one) wondering, I’m in the process of salvaging my fantasy football season.  Following a poor start in both leagues, my Snow Monkeys have scratched and crawled their way up to a 2-4 record despite a very shitty roster in League Accommodation, while a remarkably better team evened its record at 3-3 in A League of Our Own.  Tonight, we hit the waiver wire!  And every morning is like mini Christmas!

So, circling back to that health care discussion – How’s everyone feeling?  Do you go in for your annual physicals and, if so, what do they entail?

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  1. Five decades? Exactly how old were you when you started drinking bourbon?? 🙂

    Feeling pretty well, actually. After a lot of different testing, my doctor and I have found out the things that have been bothering me mostly lately, from digestive problems (lactose intolerance) and neck and jaw pain (TMJ disorder). Also worked out some meds and techniques for my anxiety and depression, to pretty good effect.

    Now, if we can do something about this aging thing… I know, keep active, right!?

  2. I’m on a strict diet, and visit a doctor every four weeks and have a full blood panel done. I had a stroke last winter at 52.

  3. Post Brain-op, .. hole in my head, fluid rolling about.. I find it really hard to exercise properly. Even simple walking on a treadmill is enough to make me want to throw up. The marching causing growing waves of fluid, getting stronger and stronger, and free about 5 minutes it all gets too much.
    Riding an exercise bike is a little less nauseous, but even on that I tend to naturally sway from side to side, and then it all builds up again.

    It’s been hard. Can’t even go for a short stroll, as balance issues are dangerous outdoors, where I can stumble into the path of people, obstacles, cars… grrr..

    …but other than that, I’m fine. I do TRY to keep fit, and I’m constantly keeping my mind active with all my game making and I enjoy puzzle solving, too.
    So. Yeah. Things are ok. Repetitive and occasionally boring, but ok!

  4. I do go in for an annual, mostly they check my blood sugar, BP, listen to everything. I need a Well Woman exam. I get a mammogram each year, and a colonoscopy every few years. I need to ask to see a dermatologist.

    How am I feeling? Old. Achy. Sad. Today would have been MyLarry’s 60th birthday. Just 18 months ago, I had no idea we would not see it together. So yeah, today is not the day for that how are you query.

  5. Annual physical? You are good, in fact, way better than most people.

    Queen Suji sure speaks her mind! (As for me, strangely, I actually miss Princess Lulu more.)

    Yes, I have been wondering, but not dare to ask. BUT, I think your Snow Monkeys team is going to come from behind and take the league! I do hope so! Fight fight fight!

  6. I’m at the constant struggle stage at almost-63. You, Joe, with your dog walks and (I assume still) your treadmill, are way ahead of where I was at your age.

  7. Wednesday, I take my dad to a doctor’s appointment. Between my parents and me, this will be appointment number 46 this year and I have more scheduled for the rest of the year. I got some alarming things taken care of at the first of the year for me (sky rocketing high blood pressure), but have placed myself on the backburner again. I don’t have time for my problems. That is the reason sometimes caregivers die before the people they are caregiving for.

  8. Just be happy your health is good enough that you only need an ‘annual’ full physical.
    And if you think your aches pains and failing eyesight are fun now
    Wait a few years, eh. The laughs get better.

    Speaking of health diagnostics…
    If you haven’t done the ultra hot shower or steam test yet
    be sure to do it at next episode/occurrence of jaw pain.
    If, in the long shot chance, it does temporarily relieve the ache
    don’t forget to speak with the doctor about sinusitis.
    Meds to keep it in check are not one size fits all
    so you may need to experiment a bit.

    BTW: I’m about halfway finished coordinating those recipe lists
    for the very large assortment of chicken wings to bring you in jail.
    Sure hope those, get it it done within 90 days, wedding plans are coming along! 😀

  9. Well, I’m going through a scary situation because from my latest ultrasound it appears I have probably got thyroid cancer. I go in Thursday to discuss with doctor. I want to go to a high volume thyroid surgery center but I don’t have the money since I only have Social Security. I’m fortunate in that I have good insurance but I can’t afford the air fare and hotel stay for myself and my caregiver. I’m already disabled so I have to have a caregiver to help me. Sorry for rambling on. It’s just a tough time.

  10. When I turned Fifty:

    Heart attack which led to triple bypass, which led to 2 stents over the last 6 yrs.

    PAD ( Peripheral artery disease) 3 stents in each leg over a period of 1.5 years

    Carotid artery on left side of neck 69% blocked, surgery needed unless I wanted to stroke out.

    Electrocardiogram leading to yet another stent.

    While all this was going on I also had/have – cataract which led into detached retina and now have double vision in that eye.

    CKD – stage 4 kidney failure. still have 24% function.

    I could go on, really i could, but listing all this is getting quite depressing. Getting older sucks but aside from these aliments i’m feeling good and still have a great outlook on life. Just let me stress the importance of getting a COMPLETE physical. It might just save your life!

  11. Mostly annual blood checks for both of us, plus Drs advice on following a diet to reduce the risk of high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes.

  12. I just turned 50 in April, and I generally feel okay, I’m just tired all the time. I’ve been sick a lot this year. Flu at the end of January, bronchitis in July, stomach virus two weeks ago, combined with a 3 week cold that’s just finally starting to subside. The ironic thing is, I’d wager I’m eating better and healthier than I ever have. I admittedly should get more exercise and stay more active. I should also see a doctor for my Big 50 physical.

  13. Had a stent installed two years ago,,,improved resting heart rate…but the real progress wasn’t made until I moved out here to the Seattle area,,,my genius son found the keto genic diet,,,which dropped my blood glucose 100 points,(yes, diabetic), allowed me to regain my exercise tolerance (now able to once again walk a couple miles, uphill and down)…and do significant weight lifting (bench press 220 lbs),,,like the old days, as a mere lad of 50…I’m 76 now… etc…

  14. I know two men that died from “widow makers”. These guys were both overweight, couch potatoes but it won’t hurt to get checked out. Widow makers usually happen so fast, an ambulance is not needed. 🙁

    I see the same G.P. as my hubby. He can go in for a routine physical and they run a stress test, blood test, EKG and X-ray his chest. I can go in for a routine physical and I get blood tests (i had gestational diabetes), listens to my heart and I’m good to go. Yes, I exercise daily and my BP is good but still… I’m starting to feel slighted. 😉

    I’m still thinking about that poor young girl that took her own life. It’s such a tragedy. Life goes on and I pray that all those online bullies feel remorse and learn to be kind.

    We must celebrate what life we have. So, I will wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!!

  15. Howdy from Texas. Calcium Coronary Artery screening – a 5 min CAT scan using specific frequencies that correspond to calcium buildup in arteries. Worth every penny. Gold standard. Only thing better is nuclear imaging with dye/tracers, but that is much more $$$ and invasive.

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