Had dinner with writer-producer Alan McCullough (Stargate, Reign, Private Eyes).  It was great catching up – and hard to believe that next year will mark the 25th anniversary of SG-1’s premiere.  25 years!  It feels just like yesterday that my pugs were running the halls of the Bridge Studios while the gang and I spun stories and produced what now seems like a seemingly insurmountable amount of television.  All told, over 330+ hours of sci-fi television.  Amazingly, over the course of a couple of those seasons, we actually produced 40 episodes of television annually.  

I have to admit that my introduction to Stargate was not all that memorable.  It was season 1’s fourth episode, “Emancipation”, and I was so unimpressed that when the opportunity to pitch for the show presented itself,I honestly didn’t think it was for me.  And then I read the scripts they forwarded and discovered “Damn, this is a really good show!”.  

So, I’m curious.  What was the episode that made you fall in love what the series?  Were you on board from the start with Children of the Gods, or were you late to the party?

P.S. Regarding tonight’s dinner – Walking into a restaurant that smells like vinegar is a bad sign.

You know what’s also a bad sign?  A D.J.

Off to Montreal this weekend to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving.  Fly out Saturday and back Tuesday for what’s looking to be a pretty big week.  

Went to see the optometrist for my annual eye exam yesterday.  It looks like I can’t put off the reading glasses any longer.  Has it really come to this?!  I used to have perfect vision and now I have to put my latop screen on full bright (much to Akemi’s alarm) or default my phone text to full bold (much to Akemi’s amusement).  My optometrist informs me that there is a surgical procedure that would address the issue – but it would involve plucking my corneal lenses and swapping them out for artificial implants.  Just the explanation had me squirming in my seat.  I think I’m going to hold off a couple of years and wait for them to perfect those medical nanites that, once injected into your bloodstream, can address all of your body’s ailments.

Full disclosure: I spent the better part of an hour today watching old videos on Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles’ facebook page so I could check out the senior pugs – especially that sweet gal Lexxie.  While Akemi is dubious, I’m convinced Suji would eventually warm to a little sister.  

What do you think?


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27 thoughts on “October 10, 2019: This and That!

  1. Saw Stargate, the movie, and really enjoyed it so I was eager to check out the series and was hooked from episode one.

  2. I fell in love with the movie. When the series came out, we didn’t have the Showtime channel to watch it, so it was maybe 3-4 seasons in before we could find re-runs on one of the minor networks. When it moved to SciFi we could finally watch it. I fell in love with whatever episode it was that I saw first. Couldn’t tell you which it was, but I was hooked.

  3. Stargate –> I was on board from the start. Oh, and the movie too.
    Enjoy family time in Montreal, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    Love Lexxie since I saw the belly rub video. So sweet!

  4. I think Suji would learn to share the love with another rescue like herself. Where is a picture of the lovely Alan McCullough? I fell in love with the Stargate series as soon as I saw Richard Dean Anderson was in it. But I too had to wait for it to come to a channel I could watch.

  5. I loved the movie (saw it in the cinema!) but SG-1 didn’t get a lot of love from Australian networks so it was a while before I got into it.

    I remember my Mum saying she was watching it. “Really? I bet it’s not as good as the movie,” I scoffed. But she and I tend to have the same tastes so I made an effort to find it. I think I started somewhere in the middle of Season 3 so I would have been living in New Zealand at the time.

    Season 3 was definitely a good time to start watching as I feel everyone was hitting their stride. I was hooked from then on. I managed to see the earlier episodes (I can’t remember how. Either they were repeated on TV or I bought the DVDs).

    I’m doing a re-watch at the moment, currently half way through season 7. Everything was as good as I remembered it right up until season 6 which I felt was quite weak. I know a lot of people blame Jonas Quinn but I thought he was fine. I just think the stories weren’t as compelling. Season 7 has been OK so far but still not as good as 1-5. But I know that “Heroes” and “Lost City” are coming up so season 7 will redeem itself!

    I have a question for a mailbag if there’s one coming up:

    Your stories more often than not seem to be directed by Peter DeLuise (especially early on). Is that just a coincidence of scheduling or did directors have favourite writers and vice versa? I feel that Peter’s humour was definitely a good match for yours.

    I noticed that Peter also directed lot of back-to-back episodes plus writing duties. The man must be a machine!

  6. SG series: I was immediately on board after watching the very first episode and looked forward to new episodes each week. Albeit, to be honest, I was not really 120% addicted till SGA.

    Re: Fur Babies.
    Sorry Joe. I’m fairly confident Akemi is right about this one.
    I’m sure you remember how sweet Suji was to Bubba when she first joined the family.
    And how bossy and bullyish she became to Lulu once Bubba was gone.
    You need a slightly larger than Suji, MALE, mellow, mush ball/sweetie pie,
    lover boy, to keep the peace in the family.
    Also, Don’t forget. You already have two Daddys girls!
    Akemi needs a new Mama’s boy to bond with and keep her company when you are physically or mentally absent. He doesn’t necessarily have to be older or that much larger or 90%+ in active.
    Just bigger and less active than Suji. Sweet. Affectionate. And “Reasonably Mellow”.
    I bet a new sweet, affectionate, brother in the house would also cheer Lulu up. xo

    What is AD.J ?????

  7. I got hooked with Season 5 (Fall of 2001?) when USA showings of SG-1 moved from Showtime to SciFi. I was a regular viewer of “Farscape” and just stayed tuned. (Yeah, I’m a mid-Baby Boomer, raised onTV.).

    I think I had caught an earlier episode once or twice. I remember Skaara’s eyes lighting up and the Go’auld transport rings.

  8. I was actually a fan of the Movie back than and loved it but than the show came along and it was soooo much better. So right from the start.

  9. Not subscribing to Showtime brought me in late, but having been a long time fan of RDA (since MacGyver) and of the Stargate movie, I was immediately hooked. I don’t remember where I jumped in, however I was quick to catch up after that.

    Regarding ‘Emancipation’, I do not share your altogether low opinion of the episode. Yes, it was cheesy, campy, and not the best writing of the series, but I liked it for a number of reasons. First, it was Carter-centric. Second, it dealt with the topic of mysogyny, albeit with a humorous tone to a still very relevant issue today. Third, it touched on women being seen and treated as sexual objects without the right of refusal. And finally, Sam/Amanda showed that she could be beautiful and feminine, but still be a strong leader capable of kicking butts as necessary.

    When ‘Emancipation’ was written, the aforementioned topics were just starting to be discussed openly. I’m sure the writers didn’t intend for the episode to be inspirational to women, but if you can overlook the farcical parts, there are some good points for discussion.

    And maybe I like cheese, camp, and farce every now and then.

  10. My first SG-1 episode was S4’s “The First Ones”. While I was aware of the show, I didn’t have Showtime, and only caught it once Sci-Fi started Stargate SG-1 Monday marathons. I typically veg once I get home from work on Mondays, so I grabbed some grub, laid in bed and watched it. That became a Monday ritual for the length of the marathons, and had by that time, started watching the series live.

    “Emancipation” was a bit of a stinker. And the only one I can recall. Not at all a bad track record for 10 seasons of television. I still miss the show terribly.

    I think Suji will be fine with another sister.

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, Joe!

  11. My first episode was Broca Divide so it was a while before Emancipation rolled back around in a rerun. I honestly don’t remember if I saw it on Showtime or SciFi. I was immediately hooked and made sure to have the VCR set and ready to go on Saturday night. By the time I eventually saw it I was so deep in that I just shrugged it off as an anomaly.

    Have fun with Thanksgiving. I always look forward to the pics you post of Mom’s cooking.

  12. Ever since the Stargate film in 1994, I’ve been enamored with the Franchise as it was a mix, IMHO, of my show, The Invaders and concepts borne out of Chariots of the Gods and it really worked for me and eventually my son, who was 9 when Stargate came out as a series. SG-1 and SGA after that were addictive, but it took me a little while to fall in love with Stargate Universe, but Season 2 of that series convinced me. I wish there were more alien encounters and one off adventures, but overall, the franchise is very close to my heart. Sure would be cool if SG-1 met Dark Matter, which is so possible considering their “blink drive” could take them to any universe. Let’s face it, Stargate may be fiction, but after AATIP outed the existence of other civilizations, perhaps Stargate is more science than fiction.

  13. Didn’t like the Movie, and every time I tuned in, SkyOne seemed to be repeating the early dull episodes like Emancipation..
    My Boss constantly kept telling me “it gets better, it does!!”, so I tuned in when Season 5 started, and then very very quickly started buying the DVDs to catch up, working backwards through the show’s life, at the same time as watching newer episodes.

    And, more than any other Boxsets that I own, I LOVED the dvd commentaries.
    They should definitely add the commentaries to the Command app.

  14. I was hooked from the start. I was about 15 at the time, I had seen and enjoyed the movie, but the real draw for me at that age was that fact that “MacGyver has a new TV show!”. Three years later I left for college and didn’t have access to Showtime in my dorm anymore, so I forgot about it until it made its way back to basic cable. I watched it off and on for a while, not paying a lot of attention. I really picked it back up again with the big “Michael Shanks returns!” announcement, and kept up with SG1, Atlantis, and Universe from that point on.

  15. I agree with Akemi and Drea, Lulu would hate a little sister. She needs a passive/submissive male. Sadly, I’m sure there are plenty of homeless seniors that fit that bill. Be patient and good luck on the search!

    It’s hard not adopting the lot of them though, isn’t it? That was my problem working in a humane society. If I ever win the lottery, I’m setting up a free spay/neuter program and funding several animal rescue centers.

    Yes, I’d sign up for the nanites!

    I don’t remember which episode caught me. I started watching mid-way through the series and then SGA cinched it. Later, we bought the series and enjoyed watching from the beginning.

    I’m glad you and Gforce had a nice meal/meet up together!

    I know I’m flitting from one topic to another. Sorry. Very tired….

    1. @Tam Well, I certainly know that over tired feeling.
      Last night i was so tired couldn’t even make out that A D.J. was referring to a music DJ.
      I thought it might be some weird new acronym fad, for something like
      After Dinner Jolting :-O

  16. I think you, Akemi, and your sister ought to kick your mom out of the kitchen this Thanksgiving and do all the cooking for her. Sure it’s not going to taste like her cook’in, but it should be just as good. I think she would enjoy that. ….maybe… She can sit there and boss you all around.

  17. I was given reading glasses – couldn’t stand them – I suggest you ask about ‘monovision’… one eye for distance one for close – amazing!

  18. I’m torn about Lexxie because I fell in love with her already so I can’t be objective. Sorry.

    I was backward with Stargate. Watched Atlantis first, then Universe. Finally started with the movie and series which I had a difficult time getting into initially because all I wanted was more Atlantis, but I eventually appreciated what I had been missing. I know Emancipation was campy, but I still enjoyed – especially Carter.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  19. I watched it from the beginning and enjoyed it, but didn’t get totally hooked until one of the episodes where the characters remembered a piece of technology they encountered in an earlier episode and used it to try to solve a problem in the current episode. When I saw that, I thought to myself, “finally, an SF show that really gets it”


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