Following an exhausting travel day capped off with dinner I almost slept through, I am finally settled in and rarin’ to go.  I don’t love the location of this new hotel, but I deferred to Akemi on this one because of its dog-friendly promotion.  Although, to be fair, I recall seeing dogs at the old hotel, so maybe the move was unnecessary.

Regardless, we’re here now and following an early morning walk of the neighbourhood, I am gearing up for my first round of meetings: 11:30, 12:00, and 3:00.  Tomorrow is still firming up, but I would like to find time to head down to the local pug rescue and check out this handsome fella –

Last night, I dreamt that I was going on stage to perform in a play I’d failed to rehearse.  I was madly reviewing my lines backstage realizing “I’m not prepared!”.  And then I woke up and remembered I needed to go over my pitches.

Of somewhat lesser concern at the moment is this dull ache in my upper left jaw that sometimes manifests when I wake up in the morning or when I chew or open my mouth wide.  Otherwise, I’m pain-free.  At first, I assumed it was a cavity but Akemi was quick to point out I had just gone for a dental check-up a couple of weeks ago.  She wonders if it’s the result of my grinding my teeth at night (something for which I’ve been given a dental guard – I never use).    As always, I value your expert medical opinions.

Alright Stargate fans, we the Stargate: Atlantis Greatest Episode Tournament is officially underway.  Head on over to twitter and cast your ballot!

17 thoughts on “September 23, 2019: L.A. Day #1!

  1. Your dream sounds like art imitating life. Or something like that.

    That old fella in the pic looks like he’s full of character and has led a storied life. I can’t wait to hear more!

    Your jaw pain sounds EXACTLY like my TMJ symptoms, which are often worse in the morning if I’ve been clenching my jaw (which is my habit) or even resting my head on the pillow at a bad angle so that it shifts my jaw sideways. When it was really bad a couple of months ago, I had the exact same symptoms – pain on chewing or opening my mouth too wide. Hamburgers were torture. I’ve come to realize it’s also the source of a number of issues I experience such as morning tension headaches and (lately) tingling and numbness on one side of my face. It’s terrible and from what I’ve know there’s not a lot to do except wearing the night guard and, for me, being mindful not to clench my jaw. There’s a few exercises and facial massage that can be done to help somewhat.

    Good luck in your meetings!!

  2. For years my (former) dentist chastised me for grinding my teeth, but I don’t. Well, when I’m awake. My new dentist actually took the time to discuss nighttime grinding with me, & suggested that I buy a night guard. I bought one in January this year, replace it every 3 months, & it’s made a noticeable difference. My jaws don’t ache & click like they used to, my teeth aren’t literally cracking, & my molars aren’t being ground down any further. I definitely recommend that you discuss this with your dentist.

    Also? I sure hope you’re able to take that sweet boy home with you. I had a one-eyed wondermutt growing up. She was The Best Girl. 💕

  3. Seconding GForce & Kristen. I’ve used a night guard for nine years. Look for a practitioner (usually an orthodontist) who treats pain & other symptoms, as opposed to one who recommends orthodontia or surgery as the only option.

  4. Very good diagnosis of your dream! Hope your practice made your pitches perfect.

    That pug above has a nice beautiful coat of fur. Kinda like Miss Jelly. But then he is a boy, like Mr. Bubba. I bet he would make a great brother and his new sisters would take care of him. How old is he?

    “As always, I value your expert medical opinions.”
    Funny man! (Really, you do get good advice here. Admit it.) With your jaw pain, wear your teeth guard! See if it helps. If you don’t wear it, you could start breaking your teeth.

    A quick tooth story about my dad: We now have a camera on him as he naps and sleeps. We are trying to make sure he does not try and get out of bed by himself. He fell recently and really cannot walk anymore, but because he has dementia he forgets that and thinks he can do anything. I was watching him during a recent nap. I saw him move his head to the left, open his mouth, and his dentures fell out on his left shoulder. I jump up and creep into his room to see if his denture is laying on his shoulder. Well, he sees me, so I have to ask him… “did your dentures just fall out and land on your shoulder?” He said No, and I don’t see them. Okay, so I leave. Dumb camera. Then I thought, that’s not what you should be saying to someone with dementia. Talk about confusing them.

    Oh, and don’t forget to pick up some treats for the girls and get married while you’re in LA.

      1. Thanks for the link Drea. Bruno sounds like a sweetie pie. I bet he will enjoy being cuddled by Akemi. I hope you can bring him home. Love will conquer any problems his has, just ask Suji.

  5. What a handsome fellow. I hope you have tome to go meet him.

    I had a night guard, but spit it out in my sleep. I had a back molar with a crown and an old root canal, one which had been done twice. Eventually they had to just take the whole tooth out. The tooth bed was prepped for an implant, but I never went through with that. In the long run, that was a good idea, I quit grinding my teeth. I don’t miss my back tooth at all, unless I am eating chips and catch an edge back there. So, uh, have a tooth removed?

  6. Upper jaw pain causes … could be teeth (cavity)/gum vs sinusitis vs TM joint pain … 🙂

    1st day schedule looks intense!

    Yes, please bring B-chan home!

  7. While your jaw ache is probabably due to the teeth grinding problem …
    I suffer sinus triggered full blown migraines as well as sinus related headache-like jaw pain that feels exactly like a molar/back tooth has gone bad. For many years I was one hundred percent convinced I had a dental related problem. If you take an ultra hot shower or just sit in steam for a bit and it seems to temporarily relieve the ache and tension –> talk to a doctor about your sinuses.

    Awwww. That puppers is irresistibly adorable. His ears remind me of Jelly. You might wanna ask to zip him into a carrier for 15 minutes while at the rescue to observe how he might fare with confined space traveling? Also, keep in mind he may not do so well with noisy crowded places such as a busy activity day at the park or a street festival and may require his own separate stroller for most outings. Either way I hope it works out. You and Akemi are certainly the best most loving parents any dog could ever hope for.

  8. Its nearly 3 am here. Coudnt sleep. Got tired of watching whatever movies I could find
    so i wandered back over to the pug rescue page to check out some of the other dogs.
    If it doesnt work out with Bruno I sure hope you will seriously consider Milo.
    While he may not live but a couple more years
    it sure seems like he’d be an absolutely perfect fit for you and Akemi.
    Its likely he wouldn’t have much trouble being in a carrier.
    Would walk well on a leash and not need to hassle with an extra stroller.
    Would probably be sweet with Lulu and not likely challenge Suji’s territorial attitude.
    Between your loving attention and Akemi giving him baths, brushings and treats,
    I bet he’d feel like he’s found heaven on earth and would bring so much joy into your lives!

    1. Hey!! How about Bruno AND Milo? Okay, okay, I’ll be quiet.

      …you’d have your 4-pack back…

  9. I get those headaches too Drea. Allergies here are terrible! I hope you get back to CO for your health.

    I went for nearly two years with constant headaches. Every dr said something different was the cause. I bought new glasses, went on daily preventative migraine meds (those were no fun) and finally I went to see an ENT. I had a low grade sinus infection (my G.P. didn’t diagnose) for two years. A month of antibiotics did wonders. I had sinus surgery to open things up but I still have to watch for symptoms.

    That sure is a cute pug! With one eye, he looks like a pirate.

    Are you getting married in L. A. ? If so, Congrats! If not, then have a blast!

  10. Teeth grinding or arthritis can cause this, but most common cause is TMJ. I suggest you get it looked at to be certain.

  11. Sorry but I neglected to say that I’m hoping you’re very successful with the pitches. I can only imagine how nerve-wracking it is. No wonder you’re having nightmares. Sending good vibes.

    That pupper looks adorable. He’s going to an awesome home if everything works out. It’s inspiring how you care for Lulu and Suji. Lucky doggies.

  12. Oops – one more comment. I vote for a Milo and Bruno adoption. They’re both sweet and certainly in need of love. Two strollers for your 4-pack!

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