Some great feedback to yesterday’s mashed potatoes query.  It feels like there’s a lot of crossover between the sci-fi and foodie readership of this blog.  So, thanks for that.  We’ll be trying out your recipes upon our return!

Preparation for our L.A. trip continues apace.  I’ve lined up some very important sessions at:

Spago, Mozza, Osteria Mozza, Spago, and Momed.  Maybes include Republique and, of course, Shake Shack.

Speaking of this L.A. trip…

Yeah, this girl suffer from major FOMO.  She is constantly following me around on the off chance I’m going to access a snack: in the bedroom, the bathroom, the liquor cabinet in the guest room.

Sacre bleu!  We’re about to lock down our eight and final seed in the Stargate: Atlantis Greatest Episode Tournament.  So far Midway, McKay and Mrs. Miller, Siege Part 3, Enemy at the Gate, Rising, Tao of Rodney, and Siege Part 2 have qualified.  Who gets the final wildcard spot?  Well, head on over to twitter and vote!


10 thoughts on “September 20, 2019: Suji suffers some major FOMO! Locking down the last wildcard seed!

  1. Wait a minute.
    “Who gets the final wildcard spot?”
    After the vote above, I count only 7 titles. Who is number 8?

  2. I especially love Lulu’s non-reaction! She doesn’t seem to care, just napping away. LOL.

  3. How about Suji and Lulu go to LA and YOU guys go to the dogs sitters! 🙂

    Hmm, now I’m envisioning a movie starring those two and their adventures together in LA. Maybe they’re solving crimes or something while teaching people valuable life lessons like The Littlest Hobo did.

    You should pitch that while you’re down there.

  4. Glad to see you talk for your dogs like we do. In case I don’t get a chance to come back before you go to LA, I hope you have a wonderful time.

    Just remembering Kelly Hurt (aka Anne Teldy) today. Hard to believe its been 7 years. Sending love out to her family and friends and those who remember her/are remembering her too today.

    1. Indeed PBMom, hard to believe that’s been 7 years. Time passes too quickly. A little while ago, I was rewatching the video that we did for Joe’s 10th Blog Anniversary, with a couple of memories of friends passed. Though I had never met those folks in person, it still felt like it was friends who were passing.

  5. Safe flight. Sorry i missed the call for mashed potato recipes yesterday. I actually have some really delicious ones. I’ll try to get around to posting or emailing ’em to ya over the weekend.
    Dont worry Dad. Suji will be fine at the sitters.

    Speaking of stuff I missed this week….
    Happy belated birthday to @Gforce! XO (sept 17)

  6. Poor Suji. I suppose a doggie bag wouldn’t survive the trip back home.

    I took a peek at the Spago menu. I could live with most of the selections. And I only had to use google once. The California tasting menu seemed a bit much. Mmmm, white corn soup. I adore corn soup, even the stuff from McDs, but it simply isn’t a common thing in the US. And then there’s the Loup de Mer, mmm. And there’s Maine lobster roll on the bar bites menu. I’m sold.

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