Boy, I do a lot of lunches and dinners.  Today, it was burgers and milkshakes with the amazing Alex Mallari Jr. (Dark Matter’s FOUR/Ryo Ishida).  Last night –

It was dinner with our friend, journalist Tanavi who is in Toronto on an extended stay.

Next week is already packed!  You have to book early to avoid disappointment.

Well, a little sad news on the senior pug adoption front.  Turns out the special needs boy Akemi had her eye on has already been adopted.  Ah well.  Sad but also happy to hear he’s started a new life.  I’m thinking we’ll fill out the adoption forms regardless and swing by the rescue while we’re in town.  Why let a perfectly pet friendly hotel room go to waste?

Came across this awesome concept art from the Dark Matter season 3 premiere courtesy of artist Henry Fong –

Well, looks like we’ll have to delay the SG-1 Final Four re-watch.  HOWEVER, the Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament resumes tomorrow with The Fifth Race taking on Window of Opportunity for a right to move on to the finals.  Then, Sunday, it’ll be The Pegasus Project versus Lost City Party 2.  Who you got?

11 thoughts on “September 6, 2019: Dark Matter! Stargate! Lunches! And Dinners!

  1. Hard to resist yummy food but unfortunately it’s “diet week” for me. XD
    Yes, you should definitely swing by the rescue, maybe you’ll connect with another senior dog while you are there.

  2. You and Akemi have the best hearts. That is one of the things I really like best about you both. Every time I see a pug or Frenchie at a rescue I think of you. That and what great places to eat you find around the city. As a fellow torontonian I thank you.
    The great shows you come up with and are able to get made is just an added bonus to what wonderful people you are

  3. Sorry you lost the pug, but as long as someone will give him a loving home it’s all working out as the Universe intends. There must be another who needs you, is meant for you, and is desperately waiting for you to find him or her.

  4. Some doggo needs you two in their life, for sure.

    Still recovering/cleaning after Burning Man. Quite the series of chores and laundry.

  5. wow Alex is displaying what was my first reaction to my BurgerPreist’s Burger,…well, maybe NOT.
    Was watching Killjoys S1E7 and Amanda Tapping had a supporting role. Looking at the time and the shows location, I am guessing it was a unfortunate timing as I remember you talking about a scheduling conflict.

  6. Dark Matter accidental universe hop into SG-1/SGA/SGU reality.
    Raza detected and hailed by the SGC or Atlantis… Crossover, boom.

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