Today, Akemi unintentionally coined a new phrase: “Deja vie” which, when you think of it, actually makes more sense than the actual phrase: “Deja vu”.  “Deja vu” translates to “already seen”, whereas “Deja vie” translates to “already lived” – which is what you are, in effect, claiming when you experience deja vu.

Anyway, all this to say that, from now, please use Akemi’s new and improved term: Deja Vie.

Thank you.

Speaking of Akemi, she is super excited and looking forward to our L.A. trip at the end of the month.  The way I understand it, while I’m away pitching those five days, she’ll be spending her time at the nearest Trader Joe’s.  THAT’S how much she loves Trader Joe’s (!).

She has also insisted we switch hotels from our usual mainstay to somewhere else – another hotel that, curiously enough, is famously dog-friendly.  So dog-friendly, in fact, that they even boast a special room service menu exclusively for pets. 

At first I assumed she was thinking of bringing Suji and Lulu along.  But no.  It turns out, she has a secret agenda.  And it may have something to do with THIS dog –


He’s a blind, special needs senior looking for a good home.  

Now I’m not sure he’s even still going to be available when we get into town in three weeks, but if he is…

I hope he likes room service.

11 thoughts on “September 5, 2019: Akemi’s hidden agenda!

  1. How awesome are you and Akemi! That’s so sweet and compassionate. Special needs dogs are exceptionally special, and it’s unfortunate more people don’t want them. He looks adorable. I’ll keep my fingers crossed he gets his room service.

  2. I’m not sure if I’m hoping that he doesn’t have to wait 3 more weeks for a home or if I’m hoping that we’ll get pictures of him enjoying his room service. (Tell Akemi that’s the kind of secret agenda that I can totally support.)

  3. What a special baby! He’d live out his days knowing that he is loved if he joins your pack. I hope you get him!

  4. How exciting!! Can Akemi just let them know you are coming and to “HOLD THAT DOG!” Suji could use some help bossing you around!

  5. This speaks to what amazing human beings you two actually are. I hope you are able to bring him home. He will want for nothing and be surrounded by love.

  6. I was the kid that like to tell ‘stories’ of things that ‘happened’ but not really, and would have been cool if they did. My parents started calling my stories ‘Vuja Day’ because i would swear they really happened. So i appreciate Akemi’ perspective.

  7. As a kid i liked to tell stories of things that ‘happened’ that actually didn’t but would have been cool if they did. My parents called this “Vuja De” so i appreciate Akemi’ perspective.

  8. I get depressed everyday listening to the news. Reading about Akemi’s secret plan makes me happy and gives me hope. You and Akemi are wonderful. The love you give senior dogs is amazing. Have a great time in LA.

  9. Hopefully he’s still available, but if not, maybe there is another one available? 😉

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