The results are in and, well, was there really any doubt?  Window of Opportunity steamrolls over Moebius Part 2 to stake its place in The Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament semifinals.

And, for the early looks of things, The Fifth Race could well be on its way to an equally impressive win over Ripple Effect.  But there’s still plenty of time left in this one so head on over and cast your vote:

I’m thinking that once our Final Four have been established, we should do a re-watch and share our thoughts here on this blog and over on twitter.  I will, of course, try my best to rustle up whatever dormant memories remain in the dusty cupboards of my mind related to said episodes.  Like, for instance, did you know that before it received its official title, a certain time loop episode was referred to as “The Groundhog Day Episode” for the longest time?  Or that when we were having trouble securing the okay to feature Froot Loops in one scene, the coordinating individuals suggested we use Cheerios instead?  The Fifth Race was before my time on the show (my then writing partner and I joined for SG-1’s fourth season), so I may have to ask writer Robert C. Cooper for some interesting insights.

We could do one episode a day.  Who’s in?

And while we’re taking a trip down memory lane…

In other potential sci-fi show related news, fans set up a twitter account for my formerly Untitled Awesome Project, aka TimEscape, late last week and the follower count has already topped 1k!

I appreciate their optimism and, as always, the overwhelming support.  And promise that I’ll share details on my prospective new sci-fi series as they become available directly with TimEscapeHQ so click on the link to follow as well!

Oh, hey, having covered SG-1, Atlantis, and TimEscape in this post, why not round things out with a couple of Dark Matter BTS clips as well…

See?!  He’s fine!

Nyx vs Miaski rehearsal.  Fight!

Rehearsing the Kill Them All sequence.

Name another showrunner who spoils you so!

11 thoughts on “SG-1! Atlantis! TimEscape! Dark Matter!

  1. Definitely in for the re-watch, and looking forward to all tidbits you can share about those episodes. So much fun!

  2. Of course, I am totally in for the SG1 rewatch. I remember you saying about WoO was originally called the Groundhog Day episode, but the Cheerios bit is news to me! It just would not have been the same – I mean, they’re a metaphor for the whole episode!

    I can’t think of another show runner that treats us as well as you do. Then again, you’re the only one I know! LOL

  3. Nice ! But I am curious, will there be a character called Tim in TimEscape. And if there is, will he be escaping ? Or will he be the person people will be escaping from ? Also, I hope you don’t mind, but… Squeezes nose shut to sound like a 1930’s announcer We now interrupt your regularly scheduled comment section for a shameless self-plug. Now available at, Season 4 of Stargate Universe. And now back to our man at the scene, Joseph ‘Burned Mouth (because of too Much hot sauce)’ Mallozzi. Unsqueezes nose and runs away !

  4. No other showrunner spoils us as much as you do!
    I don’t even know if there are other showrunners who write blogs. XD

  5. You’re asking if I’d like to sit on my butt and watch Stargate? Silly question. Of course I’d be in for a rewatch!

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