All day, I’ve been operating under the assumption today was Sunday.  So much so that I published this week’s Suji Sunday post a day early.  Enjoy – while I consider what I’m going to post about tomorrow.

Okay.  Now what?

Suji complaining.

Hey.  Hey!  We’re going to Fan Expo!

The Stargate: SG-1 Greatest Episode Tournament is in full swing.  And it’s coming down to the wire in on first round match-up that sees Moebius Part 2 with a slim 2% lead over Threads with less than 3 hours to vote!


11 thoughts on “August 24, 2019: Suji Sunday on Saturday!

  1. Suji is not complaining, she’s EXPLAINING that you need to hurry up and do what she wants! You best get steppin’.

    Aww, Lulu always looks like she’s slightly embarrassed when she has an outfit on.

  2. That’s nice. But today is Saturday …
    Do we get another dose of Suji tomorrow? XD

  3. No problem. It can be Suji Sunday everyday as far as I’m concerned. She just may have to share with some of your news of the day.

  4. Wait a minute. What am I suppose to do tomorrow when it really is Sunday? How am I suppose to get through Sunday without Suji?

  5. If “day” confusion is the worst thing that happens,… I say You’re good!

  6. Suji has a lot of gossip about all the smells in the elevator. Boomer has a “thing” too. When we are laying in bed together for afternoon snuggles mostly or Jeff and Boomer on the couch, Boomer has this “thing” where if you stop petting him, he will take his paw and tap you with his paw on your arm as if to say, “continue–don’t you know I’m king–you don’t stop until I decide to get down.” It’s truly adorable. Lulu does not look happy about this costume.

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