Early evening sound design meeting for Utopia Falls’ first episode tonight.  Things are moving fast!

Hey, over on twitter, I’m doing daily polls to find out what the fans felt were the BEST episodes of each season of Stargate.  We are presently through the first three seasons and, so far, these are the results:




No surprise to see Children of the Gods taking the first season crown although my vote would have gone to There But For the Grace of God.  Solitudes got some heavy write-in votes that put it in contention for a wildcard spot.  And no surprise to see The Fifth Race win for season 2 – but will 1969’s voter support give it a wildcard spot in the next round?  Finally, in a surprise result, Foothold wins a close shave victory of Nemesis, while Urgo gets plenty of fan write-in love.

The 10 winning episode (1 from each season) will be joined by 6 wildcard episodes after which the 16 will face off in our Stargate: SG-1’s Greatest Episode Tournament!  Head on over to twitter and follow me, @BaronDestructo, for tomorrow’s Season 4 Best Episode poll.  Who will our four contenders be?


6 thoughts on “August 8, 2019: It’s the Stargate’s Greatest Episode Tournament (Qualifying Rounds)!

  1. Well, we all know which episode will win for season 4, and likely take the whole competition… Wait, didn’t I post this before????

  2. The best episodes were Blockade, Visitation, Common Descent, Twin Destinies…
    Oh wait, wrong series…

  3. A few years ago over on Gateworld I remember a brackets type of voting system that kept eliminating until Abyss was declared the best Stargate SG-1 episode of all time. I had to agree. It’ll be interesting to see how this one sorts out.

  4. Any news on when Utopia Falls will air?

    My brain is so chaotic lately. I can’t seem to focus. I’m not sure if it’s physical or mental but life is going okay (hope I didn’t jinx myself).

    Dr Jo’s house is mold free and my son is back in the process of buying it. Fingers crossed! I’m thankful that mold wasn’t an issue while she was going through cancer.

    How are you feeling any better Thogar?

    I just read your update Quantum Mechanic. Wowza, that sounds rough! Are you feeling any better since they are treating you for the infection?

    How’s the shoulder Mr. M.?

    I agree with you about a reboot of Stargate. My son is working on a role playing Stargate card game. So, interest is out there.

    On another digression (I’m full of them these days 😉 ), I’m re-watching Friends on Netflix. It’s so weird seeing the Two Towers in shots of NYC. Very sad.

  5. I have to admit, I sometimes have to look up the episode titles to remember which ep they were exactly. Once I read it, I remember them clearly, but still. I feel kind of inadequate as a fan!

    Great to see UF progressing. Looking forward to seeing it on screen.

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