To celebrate my sister’s birthday, we decided to go out for lunch.  It was to be me, Andria, Daisy, and actress Torri Higginson who is in town shooting a new series.  Well, Daisy ended up bowing out to oversee some home repairs.  And then sis cancelled because she was feeling unwell.  So it was just Torri and me celebrating over spicy-salty Chinese food – and then some delicious mochas.  I have no dined with Torri in four different cities (Toronto, L.A., San Diego, and Montreal).  Here’s hoping we get to add New York and Vancouver to the list eventually.


On a somewhat related note, here are the results of a little poll I posted to twitter yesterday.  Which was your favorite Stargate series?  SG-1, that produced slightly twice as many episodes as Atlantis got received slightly twice as many votes, while Universe, that produced roughly a third the episodes of Atlantis received roughly a third its vote total.  

So what is the take-away?  How about the fact that 3,670 people voted!  MGM, take note!


Came across these in mom’s garage.  Yes, the Dungeon Master Guide is conspicuously absent – but only because it’s sitting on a shelf in my Toronto apartment.  Ah, the good old days when it was Nick (Lawful Good Paladin), Paul (Lawful Neutral Monk), Cas (Chaotic Good Fighter), and yours truly (Chaotic Neutral Goblin Thief).  Our character personalities perfectly paralleled our own.  Today, Nick is a computer consultant, Paul is t.v. writer, Cas is an actor (currently headlining The Expanse), and I’m a blogger reminiscing about my  D&D days.



Also came across a few of my favorite reads from back in the day.  (Not pictured: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, the Fafhrd & The Gray Mouser series, the Elric of Melnibone series).

Homeward-bound tomorrow morning!  I’ve got a lot of work – and lot of lunches – to catch up on!

7 thoughts on “August 1, 2019: My Final Day in Montreal – for now!

  1. Happy Birthday Andria! Can’t believe she missed the opportunity to have lunch with Torri Higginson. That would have been an awesome birthday present!

  2. RE : All the old broken photos.

    Quick pointer for you or your amazing dynamic WordPress management team!
    You need to scan the database for any images that contain a Blogger URL, and either remove the “” bit, or force it to direct specifically to the Blogger part of the URL..

    eg : Your blog is directing to images like this

    But it should be pointing to…

    The break must’ve happened when you moved from Blogger to WordPress, and all the old URLs are broken as a result.
    Thankfully, Blogger’s still hosting all your old images!!

    *Note : This might not be a magic fix-all, but it’s at least a start.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I realize it’s a problem but with thousands of photos, it’s incredibly time consuming to address. This is an issue I wasn’t aware would occur when I made the switch – that wordpress never alerted me to.

  3. Ah, Fafrhd and The Gray Mouser. They shaped my young imagination more than was seemly. I still have the original paperbacks.

    I have my husband’s DnD books, and his dice. I am thinking of putting them up for sale on a nerdy FB group I am on. That way someone who would love them could have them. I;d hate for them to fo to a thrift shop. I am at the point in my life psan where such things must be considered.

  4. Crazy! I still have my Dungeon Master’s Guide as well. A few years ago, I sold all of my Grenadier lead (!) figurines on Ebay for a pretty penny. All from the early 80’s.

  5. I also want to go to Montreal to eat … but probably not Chinese food.
    Lots of lunches to catch up on? Hmm …

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