I caught an early flight out of Montreal this morning and arrived in Toronto to find THIS waiting for me at the airport –


How Suji convinced Akemi to surprise me, I’ll never know.  But it was thoroughly unexpected.


I can’t tell you how nice it is to be back.  I missed the gals (Lulu couldn’t attend on account of her bad hips but was no less thrilled to see me upon my return).  I also missed having pretty much everything I need within walking distance.  Like, say, lunch.  

Today, we checked out that new Northern Chinese restaurant that specializes in bao’s.  We enjoyed a bao-dumpling medley, and a plate of sauteed snow pea tips.  And then –


It was back to the old routine – chocolates and mocha at Soma

I’ve started lining up my lunches and deadlines for next week.  But, this afternoon, was a day of relaxation.  I sat down and finished watching The Boys. 



Now I know this series won’t be for everyone, but after checking out – and immediately losing interest in – three other genre shows, THIS series was a pleasant surprise.

Anyway, the Mature Audiences trailer gives you  a real sense of the tone.  Check it out if you’re intrigued –

Now, I need something else to watch.  I hesitate to ask for suggestions because chances are I’ve already given it a shot.  But what the hell.  Let’s hear your recommendations.

To date, recent shows I’ve checked out – and enjoyed – in addition to The Boys =



The Good Place (first two seasons)

19 thoughts on “August 2, 2019: Back at it!

  1. What a great welcoming committee at the airport! Very cool surprise.

    I don’t really have any TV suggestions, but I did binge watch Barry on your suggestion and thought it was fantastic. So darkly funny.

  2. I just started watching The Ranch on Netflix. Good comedy with some great stars. I’m a big sitcom fan

  3. There’s no place like home and those who make it be your universe.

    01H00am here = Saturday. Have a perfect weekend.

  4. We really enjoyed Chernobyl, continue to enjoy The Handmaid’s Tale even though this recent season is mostly treading water. I started watching Cloak & Dagger because it’s filmed in NOLA, but it quickly grabbed me with the story. It’s not the greatest, but it’s better than I was expecting and I guess that was enough. Counterpart lived a tense & interesting, if all too short, life and I’ll still advocate for Humans, one of the best looks at AI integrating into society I’ve seen.

    I hope you haven’t tried them all and that at least 1 is interesting. Also, Rick & Morty, Castle Rock, 11-22-63, The Expanse (2x recommended after season 1), 12 Monkeys, Westworld, Red Dwarf, Man in the High Castle, Patriot (not genre, but well worth your time on Amazon), Star Trek Discovery, Doom Patrol, Good Omens, Inside No 9, What We Do in the Shadows, Final Space, Legion, and Weird City to name a few.

  5. Peaky Blinders, Good Omens, Altered Carbon, The Outpost, Harlots, Hell on Wheels, Killing Eve, Broadchurch (the British version), The Bodyguard, Sherlock.

      1. That was my concern. I left off the most obvious ones. Let’s see – here’s a few more. Hopefully, there’ll be a good one you haven’t seen.

        The Missing, Happy Valley, Gentleman Jack, Ripper Street, Life on Mars, and Strike. Humans is quite good if you haven’t seen it.

  6. I have really enjoyed watching “The InBetween” on NBC. Really great summer show.

  7. I don’t recommend Another life for many reasons. 1:Boring 2: Bad writing 3:Characters you don’t care about. 4:Great opening scene with a weak follow through.

  8. Thanks for recommending Boys.Had not heard of it. The trailer cracked me up.Cant wait.
    One for you to try : Have you seen Jett? Very good.

  9. The Good Place S03 is a marvel of concept. Astonishing.

    We liked BBC’s The Planets documentary.
    A good update on the solar system situation and a feast for the eyes.

    The Crown, is splendid.

    Stranger Things 3 was awesome.
    It’s pretty much mandatory viewing, so doesn’t really count as recommendation.

    Saboriman Kantarou on Netflix is just a blast.
    You guys will laugh your asses off. Hopefully.

    Good Omens is fine but misses a little bit of something in the end.

    Dirk Gently is absolutely dope.
    I hate those jerks cancelled the third and final season. This is so stupid and senseless.

    1. Also, Dragon pilot Hisone and Masotan.
      I love that anime series. It’s super fun SF with a lot of comedy and cool concepts.

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